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Quotes / Raw Toonage

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Marsupilami: No, Maurice! Those flowers were for your lady, Not for your lunch! Now, What are going to give her?
— From the Marsupilami short: Prime Mates Forever.

Marsupilami: Mother always told me, Look, But don't touch. Of course, I prefer to touch and not look!
— From Someone's in the kitchen with Mars.

Marsupilami: Open Please! (As Maurice opens his mouth, We see disgusting goop on) Oooh, Doggy. Nice breath close please. (Maurice closes his tongue) (Marsupilami wraps Maurice's arm as a blood pressure pumper) (As Marsupilami checks the time on his watch) Hmm, It might be safer to check your blood pressure!
— From the Marsupilami short: Jungle Fever.