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Melchior: You know how they say 'Necessity is the mother of invention'?
Ravirn: Yeah.
Melchior: Well, she's a mother all right.
— Cybermancy

If you're definitely going to die, there's no reason not to piss off the person planning to kill you. If, on the other hand, the matter's in doubt...
Ravirn, CodeSpell

Ravirn: I'm really not the Hercules or Achilles type.
Melchior: You know, that's what all the girls say, too. He's no Hercules, nor even a Perseus. I think it's the hacker physique.
Ravirn: Hey, this deathly pallor takes a lot of effort to maintain in the face of my surfer-lifestyle choices.

"No plan. No net. No worries."
"I'll make sure they put that on your gravestone."

Melchior: Sure, it and I are both computers, but that's like saying you and a planarian flatworm are both members of the kingdom Animalia[.]"


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