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Trivia / Raw Toonage

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  • Banned Episode: Raw Toonage episode 6 was banned from airing on The Disney Channel and Toon Disney, due to matters of the Marsupilami short "Romancing the Clone".
  • What Could Have Been: The Wonderful World of Disney Television: A Complete History mentions several segments that were never completed for the series:
    • Two sets of host segments were conceived, but never produced - one featuring Baloo's show being overtaken by Bucky Bug, and another starring Flounder as he tries escaping from a shark.
    • Two Bonkers shorts - "Indiana Bonkers and the Temple of Fawn" and "Pla-Toon"
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    • A TTV segment - "Frog Prince of Bel Air"
    • It's long been rumored that one unproduced episode of the show would have featured Gadget hosting the show from Rescue Ranger Headquarters.

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