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"The important thing for me now is to be able to apologize to him one last time before his last breath. Whether he forgives me or not is no longer important if he is already a dying crab. The best gift I can give to an old friend I've been in a war with for almost my whole life is an apology in his hospital bed. Besides, I made the decision to go on this journey back home, and there is no more turning back."

"With her disastrous cooking skills, she will never be able to make even a half-decent sandwich that won't at least give a man of iron stomach even a slight churning."

"I've always been a bitter failure in all my pursuits, from getting the ladies to making even a half-decent sandwich that won't at least give a shark of iron stomach even a slight churning."

"You are still a prisoner in yourself. You may have been let out of this tiny cubicle you have learned to call home for a decade, but you are still also a prisoner in the world. All the bitterness you have in you right now will continue to confine you. I'm simply moving you to a bigger prison. Freedom is nothing but illusion to you..."

"My point with whatever I said a while ago is that you choose how you react to the painful truths in your life and how, in the end, you use them to turn your sad life around."

"Useless love letters? Gifts from a former lover? Debris from breaking stuff during that last fit of rage? Used toilet paper? Bring them all to me and I will destroy them all for you. They will be completely forgotten once they have been processed into completely different products."

"Once you let go of the burdens you carry on your feeble back, you will feel great. You will be truly free. You will also have to start off with absolutely nothing. You will have to live a new kind of life, something completely different from how you used to be. Pursue a new passion. Do something you've never tried to do."

"It's important to share what you know before you forget them yourself so that others may learn from you. That's why I've been very open to you even though I've only known you today. Of all the sea creatures in the world, you're the only one who's ever been kind to me. You proved to me that I'm not going to suffer alone forever in that bleak alley. I really mean it."


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