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Most people who write about "The Game Industry" tend to suck up. They figure that writing nice things about Nintendo will increase the chances of the newest Zelda beta test landing in their mailbox. Jerry and Mike prefer to rule by fear. Rest assured that they get advance copies of games. They are flown out to various game company headquarters around the country to be wined and dined by young ladies who seem to have forgotten to put on half their clothes and presented with advance screenings of the latest techno-froth that said company has to offer. This is because said companies know that these two unprepossessing fellows could utterly destroy them. Penny Arcade is faithfully read by several hundred thousand readers. Readers who like games. Readers who have no desire to waste hard earned money on shoddy game product, and will take Penny Arcade's pronouncements into consideration when deciding where to spend said hard earned money.
— From the Livejournal of Phil Foglio

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