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(Shane abandoned his team, insulting them and saying they could "earn it" without him. After four days of borrowing their resources (he left without tools for fishing or fire-making), Shane returns, without an apology for the insults.)
Shane: I do think we can be successful... the three of us... and I would like to work together. I will help. I don't have a problem. I'm not going like "F@&S off, I don't want to help you."
Alana: I would like to know what these "tasks" are, that you think we should all be doing?
Shane: (stammering) Well, I, I mean, I think it's going to take more than one of us to get fish at the other hole. That's the thing. And there's a lot of them there.That's a task that I would like help with.
Alana: But you have a fish basket. I mean, that should do the work for you.
Shane: (testily) Yeah. I understand that.
Alana: You just have to finish it and you're fine. You can use that every day. Just drop it and forget it.
Shane: So your point is that you don't want me around at all, then?
Alana: My point is that it sounds to me that you need us. To help you. Like you can't do it on your own. That's what I'm hearing...
Shane: (harshly) No, I can NOT do it on my own. And I don't think it's fair that I keep borrowing the fire-starter, which I desperately need, without offering some support for it.
Alana: Well, maybe instead of taking Dani's tool away from the camp, we'll give you all the hot coals that are lit and started and you can make a fire from that?
Shane: Okay. Well, again, I am offering to help you with whatever you need.
Alana: Have we asked for help once since you left?...
Shane: No, you haven't. So is that the way you want to handle it?
Alana: This was not my decision, for you to up and leave.
Dani: It's not even that you left. It's the harsh words you were saying.
Alana: And you've said it - how many times have you said it? "No second chances?" Survival is a game of decisions. It's all a string of decisions. Little decisions equal big decisions that affect your survival in the end. Maybe you up and leaving was not a good survival decision?
Shane: I never made the decision, to the point, where it would be me on my own and you two on your own. I was just separating...
Alana: So you just wanted to live separately but use all our stuff and have our help?
Shane: (whining) No, I wanted to offer my help.
Alana: And I'm saying we don't need your "help."
—Alana and Dani to Shane, Naked and Afraid XL, "Jungle Rich"

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