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  • Dani Julien, for spending the first four days of the challenge surviving all alone and treating her own infected eye with tree bark during that time.

  • Eva, for refusing to tap out and go to the hospital after accidentally cutting her finger, electing instead to have surgery performed in the field instead.


  • Alana and Dani Beau, for thriving in the wake of Shane's abandoning their group in Episode 3. The two women did far better "being lazy" (i.e. fishing and gathering fruit in the pre-dawn and dusk hours while conserving energy in the heat of midday) than Shane did in his attempts to "earn it" (i.e. hunting large game at day and trying to sleep at night).
    • On that note, Alana deserves an individual CMOA point for her epic The Reason You Suck speech to Shane, after he came crawling back to ask to rejoin her and Dani with a non-apology about having decided they needed to work together after all.


  • Eva, for the equally epic The Reason You Suck speech she gave to former-partner Jeff over Team Alpha Male's cruel treatment of her and her group over the past few weeks.
    • Bonus points for her later proving the bigger person and sharing some of the food that her group caught with Team Alpha Male, even after they loudly said they didn't need anything from The Group of Six and considered them to be dead-weight that would hold them back.

  • Chris, for taking a leadership role in The Team of Six and making sure - in the wake of Team Alpha Male's cruelty - that No One Gets Left Behind.
    • This was particularly apparent in the river crossings, where Chris - a fisherman by trade - took special care to look after the weaker swimmers in the group and let them set the pace they traveled.

  • The Group of Six beating Team Alpha Male to the extraction point, despite having more people to look after and being in a generally worse condition at that point. Slow and Steady won the race.

  • Dani Beau making it through the challenge without forsaking her vegetarian diet. While some have argued that The Team of Six wouldn't have made it without Team Alpha Male throwing them their scraps every time they caught an eel, that argument doesn't bear up in the face of the vegetarian EMT coming out on top of The Alpha Males.


  • Jake, for giving the one fish he caught one morning to Darrin and Kim, who had not eaten in 11 days at that point as a "Welcome To Our Group" gift.
    • For that matter, the rest of the group - most of whom were suffering from tick-bite fever - deserve points for being willing to forgo nourishment they needed in order to help the needier members of the team.

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