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What An Idiot / Naked and Afraid XL

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  • Episode 101: 40 Days & 40 Nights: Shane, Alana and Dani B. establish a camp together.
    You'd Expect: given the lack of resources and an abundance of natural tree growth, that they would utilize the natural cover in crafting a shelter.
    Instead: Shane wastes precious energy trying to cut down trees and build a raised platform despite both of his teammates saying they don't need it.
    Later: Dani begins feeling ill due to a lack of food.
    You'd Expect: Shane, who has been cutting down trees non-stop for the past three days, to try cutting down one of the nearby fruit trees.
    You Might Also Guess: Shane, having a bow and arrows and itching for an excuse to use them, might try shooting fruit out of the nearby trees.
    Instead: Shane tries to climb a tree that clearly can't support his weight.
    As a Result: He nearly falls to his death, saved only by his catching the tree in such a manner as to reduce the odds of his ever reproducing.
    To Make Matters Worse: Dani quietly points out that you can't eat freshly-picked fruit and they'll have to wait three days for it to ripen. And then it turns out the fruit in question is poisonous!
    To Top It All Off: According to Dani Beau, despite being insistent on needing a shelter with a raised platform, Shane had no idea how to construct one himself! While Shane cut down the wood for the shelter, it was Dani and Alana who did the actual design and construction. While we only have her word for it, it's telling that when Shane struck out on his own that he didn't build a similar shelter for himself.

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  • Episode 101: 40 Days & 40 Nights: The alpha-male team of EJ, Jeff and Hakim begin work on a shelter.
    You'd Expect: Given their placement in a region full of volcanic rocks, intense heat and little water that finding water would be their first priority.
    Instead: All three men work on building a larger shelter than they need and seem to put little effort into searching for water, even after Hakim becomes severely dehydrated. Eventually, he is forced to tap out.

  • Episode 102: No Escape: Tensions rise as Chris, Honora and Luke struggle to find food as their second week together begins.
    You'd Expect: Chris, knowing how highly-strung Honora is, would try to hold back his usual harsh tone.
    You'd Also Expect: Honora, given her poor performance during her first challenge, would try to be a stronger team player.
    Instead: Chris seems to decide from the beginning to treat Honora as a liability rather than an equal partner and is dismissive of every suggestion she has regarding gathering food.
    As a Result: Honora has a nervous breakdown and throws all of the party's tools into the river in retaliation to Chris' bullying.

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  • Episode 103: Snake In The Grass: Dani J. begins to feel excluded from her group, due to Laura and Eva's close friendship from before they appeared on the show.
    You'd Expect: Dani J. to discuss this with her teammates.
    Instead: Dani goes off into the savanna, exploring on her own, without telling her teammates where she is going.

  • Episode 103: Snake In The Grass: Dani J. discovers Chris and Jeff's camp in her exploration.
    You'd Expect: Chris and Jeff to be overjoyed at finding another potential partner after Honora's departure, particularly one capable enough to scout on her own.
    Instead: Chris immediately treats Dani J. with suspicion, stating that the only reason she'd make contact was if she needed/wanted something from them.
    To Make Matters Worse: Dani J. immediately justifies this opinion, mentioning that she's with two other women and that Jeff and Chris seem to have a better camp. This despite the all-women team ending the previous episode as the only team who saw their team scores go up whereas Jeff and Chris having been shown as having no luck finding food, save for the fruit Honora gathered in the previous episode!

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  • Episode 103: Snake In The Grass: Tensions rise between Shane and his partners.
    You'd Expect: Shane would have learned his lesson by now about cutting down fruit trees instead of climbing them, since he is determined to keep cutting trees down in an effort to keep busy.
    Instead: He still continues to show off for the camera and waste energy by climbing trees. Further, he continues to deforest the area around their camp, eliminating precious natural shade.

  • Episode 104: Jungle Rich: Having abandoned his team, Shane attempts to survive on his own.
    You'd Expect: Shane to have gathered tools before striking out on his own and burning his bridges with his teammates.
    Instead: Shane wanders off with nothing but weapons. After running out of arrows (crafted by his teammate Dani), he makes himself a spear and proves incapable of using it to hunt. He complains to the camera about not having tools for fishing. And he has no means of crafting a fire.
    Later: After four days of freezing and starving, Shane goes back to Alana and Dani to ask about rejoining the group.
    You'd Expect: Shane to apologize for insulting the two women earlier.
    Instead: Shane does not apologize, saying only that he now feels they can work together as a group.
    As a Result: Alana responds by repeating everything Shane had said to her four days earlier about not needing them in a massive The Reason You Suck speech.

  • Episode 107: Falling Apart: Jeff runs into difficulty while eel hunting. Clearly in great pain, he calls out the name of his partner E.J.
    You'd Expect: Jeff to be grateful when Chris, Luke and Laura coming running to see what is wrong and offer assistance.
    Instead: Jeff snarls at them about how this is HIS kill and how this is meant for him and EJ.
    To Make Matters Worse: When Jeff decides to share the eel with the other group out of guilt, he is cheered by his fandom for being a good Christian. This in spite of Jeff being the first to insist on a "no sharing policy" back in the fifth episode and his continually trash-talking the other group for being weak while simultaneously poaching on their territory. And few gave Luke, Chris and Laura credit for rushing to help a fellow survivor who was clearly in pain when his partner was out of earshot, despite Jeff making his feelings about them repeatedly clear.

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