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"Did it talk about the afterlife?" George said eagerly. His eyes shone bright behind his spectacles. "That's the big one. That's what everyone wants. Old Joplin told me he goes to scholars' conventions about it. What happens after death. Immortality...The fate of the human soul..." I took a deep breath. "It said you were fat." "What?" "It talked about us, basically. It watches us and knows our names. It said—" "It said I was fat?" "Yeah, but—" "Fat? Fat? What kind of otherworldly communication is that?"
— Lucy revealing one of the searing insights of the skull in the jar, The Whispering Skull

Skull: When you're a ghost, you find that facts are overrated. You sort of leave them behind with your mortal body. It's nothing but emotions and desires with us spirits, as I'm sure you've seen. "I've lost my gold!" "I want revenge!" "Bring me Marissa Fittes!" All that old hokum. Know what my desire is?
Lucy: Something foul, no doubt.
Skull: To live, Lucy. To live.
The Empty Grave