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"Guybrush Threepwood, named after a combination of a P. G. Wodehouse character and the Deluxe Paint file extension, was made out in the original game as a lovable every-lad, whose determination to be a pirate was strong enough to overpower his weakness, incompetence, hopeless naïveté, and svelte girlish figure. In the new series he often seems alarmingly competent, which comes to a head in one particularly cringe-worthy episode when he meets his number one fan, who breathlessly lists his achievements throughout the series and paints the words "Author Surrogate" across the sky in blazing green letters!"

"Luke Skywalker? I thought he was a myth."

Skywalker: It was a Jedi Master who was responsible for the training and creation of Darth Vader.
Rey: And a Jedi who saved him. Yes. Your father was the most hated man in the galaxy. He caused so much death and destruction for many years. But you saw there was conflict inside him. You believed that he wasn't gone. That he could be turned.
Skywalker: And I became a legend. For many years, there was balance and then I saw Ben. My nephew with that mighty Skywalker blood. In my hubris, I thought I could train him...


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