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Quotes from Hitmane: Agent 3.14

"Well, duh! I need them because I’m going to disguise myself as Slendermane and play a prank on somepony."
Pinkie Pie's answer about why she asked Brownie to draw the famous Slendermane notes.

“Slendermane? Oh, Pinkie, what craziness is this?” She recalled the times when Pinkie Pie warned everypony about pixies that loved to steal socks, or about a troll living under the bridge.
Rarity remembers all the crazy stories and stuff Pinkie Pie always believes.

Rainbow Dash always dresses in style
Rainbow Dash is a name that’s been synonymous with strong, athletic, fast, and cool, but we never thought that being stylish would be one of her qualities. From the photograph we received just this morning from an anonymous source, it looks like our local hero and resident athletic pegasus loves to sleep wearing a fancy, pink dress with lots of ribbons. You can read the full report on page C4.
One of the many newspaper articles featuring Rainbow Dash as the last victim of Hitmane's prank.

"I don’t know who you are or why you did this, but I can promise one thing. I will look for you, I will find you, and I will prank you, Hitmane…”
Rainbow Dash swears revenge on Hitmane.

“Oh, Garfield, you’re so funny!”
The last sentence of the story.

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