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It's the Great Big Book of Everything
With everything inside
See the world around us
This book's the perfect guide
— "The Great Big Book of Everything Song", Stanley

Know how, show how
From kangaroo to moo cow
The scuttlebutt from soup to nuts
We can look it up
— From the album version of the above song

The past still lives within its pages, waiting for its time to come again.
Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII, Magic: The Gathering

The Tauropedia is an attempt to compile a compendium of all the knowledge in the universe into a quickly referencible - but admittedly abbreviated - travelling companion. Much like how the Milky Way Galaxy has the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, the Tauropedia was intended to cover the entirety of the universe, known or not. Unfortunately it took so much time to compile the information that the one known copy of the Tauropedia had to be sent backwards in time to the very beginning of the universe for it to be of any use at all, and the manufacturing of the book itself was so complex that even the most advanced replication techniques failed to create a second copy. Interestingly enough, the book has developed a degree of self-awareness and started to update itself when it came across a part of reality that didn't agree with what was in the book.
Generic Text Adventure, when using the Tauropedia learn about the Tauropedia

The book tells me everything I need to know about everything. If you're ever unsure, just ask!
Susato Mikotoba, The Great Ace Attorney


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