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Ashe: Across the Sandsea, to The Valley of the Dead. And to King Raithwall’s Tomb below.
Vaan: (chatting with Penelo) So, when you’re in Jagd, Skystone don’t work at all. That’s why we gotta hoof it the rest of the way, ya see?
Penelo: Happy you get to teach me something for a change?
Vaan: Well, if you want to be a Sky Pirate, you have to know your—Hey! What do you mean, “For a change”?
Balthier: At least we thought to bring entertainment.

Al-Cid: Al-Cid Margrace, at your service. To think I stand before the Lady Ashe. It is truly an honor. (He kisses her hand.) I see it is true after all. Ah, stunning is Dalmasca’s desert bloom.
Larsa: (looking disgusted) Errh!

Larsa left a message. “The differences between our two lands will fade before the shared dream of men.”
Al-Cid relates a message left by Larsa.

Garif Great-chief: This stone is devoid of power. Empty, yet full of thirst. A terrible longing to drink the world dry.

Reddas: Illusions of the past. You think to have cast them off, only to find them years later, unwearying, unrelenting. The past can bind a man as surely as irons.

Balthier: Insurgents. Most like they thought to take advantage of a lax watch at the palace while the Fete's on... To feed the good Consul a length of steel for his supper. I should think Vayne used to such hospitality. Clever. He used himself as the bait to draw them near, then sent in the Air Brigade. A fine, bloody banquet.

Judge Bergan: Ah, our vagrant princess. Swift has your lust for revenge led you to the Sword of Kings. You will surrender it to me. Too late and to their sorrow do those who misplace their trust in Gods learn their fate.
Fran: This mist - he hold a stone! It controls him as it did Mjrn!
Judge Bergan: No. No, the power of Manufacted Nethicite is the power of Man! A weapon forged by his wisdom... Who would challenge the Gods themselves! A Fitting blade for a true Dynast-King. Raithwall did but pretend the title... A cur begging Nethicite scraps from his master's table. Hark! Ivalice hails her true Dynast-King, Vayne Solidor! He shall defy the will of the Gods, and see the Reins of History back in the hands of Man! His time is nigh! The new Ivalice holds no place for the name Dalmasca. The stain of Raithwall's blood... Shall be washed clean from History's Weave!

Cid: Hah, Vayne! You seem to be enjoying your job as Consul.
Vayne: I was kept waiting fully two years. What news of Archades? Our Honored members of the Senate?
Cid: Hard at works as always, trying to find a dagger for your back.
Vayne: They are welcome to try.

Balthier: Empires parade down city streets, while refugees walk barefoot though the snow.
Larsa: And so I sue for peace to stop short war and ease their suffering. My father will choose peace.
Balthier: Will he now? You sound sure of yourself. You can never know another, even your father.

Reddas: A Judge Magister there was... Two years past, he took in his hand the Midlight shard stolen from Nabradia and used it not knowing what he did... And Nabudis was blown away. Cid ordered this of him to learn the Nethicite's true power. That man swore never to let such terrible power be used again. He forsook his Judicer's Plate and his name.

Cid: And lo! How brightly burned their lanthorn! Casts it back the shadows of Occurian design! Testament that Man's history shall be his alone!
Balthier: You made your Nethicite for this. You mimic the Occuria's stone for what? To become a God yourself?!

Judge Gabranth: Why do you hesitate? Take what is yours. The Cryst is a blade. It was meant for you. Wield it! Avenge your father! Yes, it was I who wore Basch's face - who cut down the life of Dalmasca. Lady Ashe! Your father's murder is here!
Ashe: You!?
Vaan: And Reks!
Judge Gabranth: I slew your King. I slew your county. Do these deeds not demand vengeance? [Ashe takes up the Occurian Treaty-Blade] Yes. Good! Find your wrath! Take up your sword! Fight, and serve those who died before you!

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