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Dressed in muted autumnal colours with an Ivan Drago accent, he's from the land where woman have moustaches, and all that's needed to translate their gibberish into Jesus's American is to drop a “ski” onto the end of every word. If someone sent a DVD of this episode to Putin, he'd have nukes aimed at California within the hour, while also asking “Who is this big-muscled Slater hunk?” and feeling a stirring in his closeted, hateful penis.
Stuart Millard on Saved by the Bell ("Check Your Mate") So Excited, So Scared

Ocelot: Well, you look pretty suspicious.
Raiden: But I have the AK and the uniform, so I'm totally a soldier, right?
Ocelot: Oh. Well then, in that case — WAIT A MINUTE. Where is your bad Russian accent?
Raiden: Uh—
Ocelot: Everyone here is supposed to have a bad Russian accent. What is your dealllll?

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