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Frederic, you said before that this whole world is all just a dream you're having, right? But if you're in your own dream, how can you be so completely positive that what's happening is only a dream. And if what you're experiencing in the dream is so realistic to you, how you can even tell what's actually the real world? And to prove my point, you didn't read my mind earlier. You were wrong. I was thinking about leaving Tenuto. I want to go out into the world and live my own life, even if it only exists inside your dream. I don't know how much time I have left to live, but I want to live what's left of my life in a positive way, bringing happiness to others. I just want to help people somehow.

Do you remember? You said it was up to me whether I wanted to call them heaven's mirror or death lights. I'm still allowed to choose, am I not? Well, then. I shall make my definitive choice right now. That flower that so resembles you. That flower that boldly challenges the darkness. I choose to call it Heaven's Mirror!
Frederic Chopin

Beat: Hey, Retto. There's something I've been meaning to ask. Just who is EZI anyway?
Allegretto: Whoa, you mean you really don't know? Well, you see, EZI is... Well, he's... He's the god of hiccups, and the patron saint of bread crusts. He's the king of socks, and the reincarnation of a flower stem... ... ... Yeah, who the heck is EZI?
Beat: ...
— Dialogue upon first approaching the Church of EZI with the EZI Free Pass in the party's possession

Priest: Never forget, the light is always with you. It sees all things, both good and evil.
March: I think that's a priest.
Salsa: What's a priest? Is it warm? Does it taste good?!
March: Oh, March, don't be so silly. It's disrespectful.
—The party spots a priest preaching on the street in Baroque.

I wanted power for the sake of having it. With enough power, I can make, not only Forte and Baroque, but the whole world bow down before me. Only then will I feel truly alive.
Waltz explains his motivations to the party.

Allegretto: So, this is that pirate, huh.
Dolce: My, my. Famous, am I? It's my beauty, I know.
Salsa: Nobody said anything like that. And only old ladies worry about that, anyway.
Dolce: Little girl.... I want that hat back!
Dolce confronts the party prior to the third battle against her and her minions.

Andantino Member Doing Squats: A soldier's body is his weapon! How about it? Are you up for some Andantino Special Training? The training menu is written on the board in front of you. 500 push-ups! 500 sit-ups! 500 back lifts! 500 bunny hops! 500 sword swings! 500 weight lifts! 500 head butts! 500 nose hooks! 500 toilet cleanings.... One! Two!
—An Andantino Member schools Allegretto on what's involved in Andantino training.

Allegretto: "Official Church Sleeping Aid - EZ-rest Anti-Evil Charm. When the end of the world draws nigh, all creatures will be cradled in peace. We've given form to the awe of EZI's prophecy. A herd of elephants won't wake you! Sleep through earthquakes and floods with ease! The sleeping face of this charm invites YOU to a lifetime-stay in dream land." Wait a minute! That doesn't sound very good!
Allegretto examines an object in the Church of EZI.

Frederic: This place used to be much more beautiful. You have a heart that sees the world with open eyes, don't you?
Polka: Who... who are you? And what are you doing out here this late at night?
Frederic: (completely ignoring her questions) Everything in the world slowly fades with time. It is very difficult to remain still and keep things exactly as they are in just one particular moment. But because everything shifts only a little bit at a time, no one really notices the change.
—Frederic waxes philosophical on change.

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