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"Why don't you have a seat over there?"
Chris Hanson, To Catch A Predator

Tomo Takino: Why did you decide to become a teacher, Mr. Kimura?
Mr. Kimura: For the teenage girls! I love 'em!

"Number Two: The girls' showering facilities will moved from the locker room into my inner office, where I can watch the girls wash their breasts and buttocks while I play with myself. Number Three: While showering, none of the girls will be allowed to snicker or laugh at the size of my genitalia. Eye contact with me is also prohibited. Number Four: Girls are encouraged to wash each other freely as I build towards orgasm. Number Five: While I am ejaculating, the boys gymnastic team must undress each other, spread eagle in front of me and satisfy each other orally until I have completed ejaculating."
Assistant Principal Dunbar from Adam Sandler's Assistant Principal's Big Day

"Haah haah, high school girl! Hweh hweh hweh!"
"Soon we shall share a fun, fun, everlasting dream on our wedding night."
— A group of Mogekos in Mogeko Castle, shortly before raping a hapless high school girl. Wait, what?!? 

"Come, let us play! In the sexual sense!"
— The Mogekos again, in Mogeko Castle, shortly after the above is avoided.

"You're so sexy... *nosebleed* I can't wait to rip all your clothes off, mount you, and rock your world! *horny panting* I'll ride you like a racehorse!!! Oh, this is going to be so much fun!!!"
King mogeko (yes, again — the Mogekos are to this trope what Pedobear is to pre-pubescents) to Miriam Calibur (a 13-year-old fox-girl) during the "Scaredy fox training" roleplay of White Dark Life (and he only gets worse from here)

"This is my [high] school, it's Overland Park/
But by court order, I can't be here after dark."
Lunch Lady Belinda, The Most Popular Girls in School (Episode 26)


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