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I have traveled long to be in this place, Hei, through both Space and Time.

2nd Episode Baddie: [after emptying several rounds into Hei's seemingly lifeless back] I can't believe Louie got himself killed by this guy. I thought he'd put up more of a fight.
Mao: [ pops up from nowhere] He will, and when he does you might want to keep in mind: Hei doesn't wear that coat as a fashion statement.
[guy turns around in surprise]
Mao: It's bullet-proof.
[guy turns back, Hei is up, moving, and starts to kick ass]

Corrupt Corporate Executive: What?... Please, no! He was the one who killed you father, not me!
Mai: [Smiles]
Hei: Mai, don't do it.
Mai: [Pauses. Looks back at Hei] But why not? [Immolates executive]

From here on, there are no friends and foes. Just trust yourself and act on your instincts.
November 11

I can't tell what I am anymore when I am with this man.
Yin, referring to Hei (Gaiden - OVA 2)

[Repeated Line] A calm and rational decision, worthy of a contractor.


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