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Greg never looked like he knew what he was doing, but that was because he knew exactly what he was doing. I mean, the guy practiced nine hours a day. It was insane. He was like Robert Fripp in his discipline. I have never been on the stage with a guitar player as electrifying as Greg Ginn.
Henry Rollins

By the time Henry joined the band, our really heroic period was over. I wrote the songs that became Damaged; it was a chronicle of my life.
Greg Ginn

I was just the singer. That's all I ever was. I did what I was told, and at the end of the day, I was told that what I was doing was bad. He says I ruined the group. Why? Because I'm the only one who didn't leave? Do you know why there were so many members? Do you know why everybody left? Because of Greg. Did Chuck Dukowski tell you how he left in tears after Greg Ginn vibed him out of the band? Did Greg tell you how many times he was too high to turn his own equipment on? This is the stuff you never hear about. And when I wrote about the band in my book Get In The Van, I left all that unflattering stuff out.
Henry Rollins


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