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Quotes / Animal Crossing Wild World Abridged

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Kapp'n: Huh, huh, huh. How are you doing today?
Bob: I'm doing fine. My name is...Bob.
- The first four sentences said on the show.

Tank: you work for?
Bob: Uhh, Tom Nook.
Tank: What? HE SHOT ME!!!
Bob: Oh. You didn't do what he asked?
Tank: No, I did what he asked. He shot me anyway!
- From episode 2 after Bob tries to rob Tank's house.

Bob: Excuse me, Mr. Mayor.
The Mayor: Yes, sonny? What do you want?
Bob: Um, well, I have a special assignment from Tom Nook.
The Mayor: Oh, that nice old man who looted from me?
Bob: Uh, sure. Nice.
- From episode 3 when Bob is talking to the mayor.

Bob: Mr. Nook? I'm not going to work for you anymore, because I have Magical Plant Powers! I can stand up to the mafia!
Tom Nook: Um...what are your powers again?
Bob: I...can make...plants appear...and store an unlimited amount of...items.
Tom Nook: Can it stand the power of an ax?
Bob: know, forget what...I was just joking back there!
- From episode 4 when Bob realizes he has plant powers.

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