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Quotes / Alone Among the Couples

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Tana: So I made a collage of photos of people in the building, and I'm having everyone sign. Will you two do me the honour? (...) Isn't it a great keepsake? There's Janet with her boyfriend and Lana with hers. That's Mark and Stacy — they're inseparable. And, oh, there's one of you, Rory.
Rory: That's me.
Tana And, um, Janet and her boyfriend again, and me with Chester. (...) And, uh, there you are again, Rory, with... oh, that's a lamppost. Oh, here's a bunch of couples from Valentine's Day. You're not in that one. And here you are with all the cafeteria ladies. I can make you a copy of that if you'd like.
Rory: That's okay.
Paris: Rory, you've had quite the dry spell this year.
Rory: I have not had a dry spell.
Paris: There's not one picture of you with a guy.
Tana: Oh, no. No. There's one. See? That's Rory with the statue of Eli Yale.

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