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Quotes / A Day in the Limelight

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"Even if we are just side-characters in the end, I still think that we are all the irreplaceable main characters of our very own stories."

"Every second-tier character gets one showcase episode. This one is Anya's."
TWOP's two-sentence summary of the Buffy episode "Selfless"

"Duchovny was disappointed with this episode and wished they could have gone back and tweaked it. Of course he is – all the dramatic opportunities here are given to Scully! It can’t always be about Mulder, despite Duchovny’s efforts to doctor scripts. That’s one of the reasons I found season eight something of a renaissance for the show because Scully could finally claim the show completely and show us what she is capable of. It is long past time that Gillian Anderson was given the sort of opportunities this three parter affords her and if Mulder has to be shunted off in some symbolic dreamscape in order for that to happen then so be it."
Doc Oho on The X-Files, "The Blessing Way"


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