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Among the military ranks of the pantheon, these are the ones that always present of the battlefield fighting for the cause they believe. They respond to the House of Military Ranks, but some of the most renegade soldiers aren't guaranteed to do it willingly.

Closely related to the House of Combat!, where many take their training sessions there before going on a mission. It's also very common to see a high number of Blood Knights show up in this very house.


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Greater Gods

    The Doom Slayer 
The Doom Slayer, The One-Man Army (The Marine, Doomguy, 12.0 on a 10.0 Scale of Badness, A Berserker-Packing Man-And-A-Half, The Boy Packin' 80 Pounds of Heavenly Joy, The Bane of Hell Itself, The Unchained Predator, The Hell Walker)
The Doomguy's most recent incarnation.
  • Theme Music: Hell to Pay, At DOOM's Gate
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The helmet of the Praetor Suit with the BFG-9000 and a Chainsaw crossed behind it
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Hey, he hates demons and likes fluffy bunnies)
  • Portfolio: Rated M for Manly, Space Marines, One-Man Army, Badass Normals, Fisticuffs, Nineties Anti Heroes, One Dimensional characters who don't need more dimensions, Berserker-Packing Fury, Glory Kills, "Rip and Tear!", An unhealthy obsession with firearms, Fighting like Hell, The Dreaded, Hits Really Hard and Way Faster Than One Would Think.
  • Domains: War, Violence, Death, Guns, Good, Chaos.
  • Superior: John Carmack
  • Followers: The overwhelming majority of FPS heroes and Demon Hunters.
  • Allies: Joel, Asura, BJ Blazkowicz, Judge Dredd, Any non-evil rabbit deity.
  • Rivals: Master Chief, Duke Nukem, Serious Sam, Jack Cayman (he covets Jack's position as the God of Chainsaws.)
  • Enemies: Khorne, Bi-Han/Noob Saibot, The Vex, The Incubators, any deity of demonic origin by default.
  • Feared by: Negan.
  • Is in fact a 12.0 on a one to ten scale of badassery. He's dynamite, even... and cooking with gas!
  • His cause is just. His will is strong. And his gun is very, very large.
  • The only guy bold enough to think he can take on Khorne without the use of the BFG-9000. He'll let his uber-manly fists do the talking for him. Rip and tear!
  • He does have a little trouble following a conversation, remembering what allies are for, or keeping hold of a plot. The Doom Marine is most effective if you can drop him into the heart of enemy territory, point him at a foe, and say, "Kill them dead!"
  • He's surprisingly concerned about environmental issues, especially toxic waste. Mostly because he's fallen into toxic waste several times before and is likely radioactive. That can't be good.
  • He is a man! And a half!
  • Has taken an interest in Hayate Ayasaki because he destroyed an EVA-sized robot and is just as tough as him and will fight against him. Guess which one will win?
  • As of his ascension, Noob Saibot is counted among the Doomguy's enemies for trying to make an army of cyber-demons in an alternate timeline.
  • While originally a rather thinly spread Intermediate God, Doomguy's recent game helped pull him together into something more cohesive. He's not as chatty as he was with more of his comic influence, but then again he doesn't need to be.
  • He has had considerable difficulty adjusting to the idea there are demons, devils, and the like that aren’t Always Chaotic Evil, but is willing to refrain from feeding them their own limbs so long as they behave themselves. Most of the good guys are willing to refrain from accusing him of Fantastic Racism because of this, and because they understand he has very good reasons for hating demons so much. It also helps that he has never been confirmed to have engaged in any Van Helsing Hate Crimes, though scaring people to death is another matter entirely.
  • Due to fact that he rampaged through hell for a very long time slaughtering everything in his wake before getting entombed, anyone and anything that has a relationship with the demonic will go out of their way to avoid him by nearly any means available, and deities of demonic origin - no matter how powerful they are - find themselves on edge just from being in his vicinity. Dante, Vergil, and Nero give him a wide berth (though there is a subtle mutual respect there for how everyone involved kills demons like it’s going out of style), the Disgaea and Highschool DxD crews avoid him like the plague, and the Aensland sisters have been known to teleport to other planes of existence when they learn he’s entered the one they’re currently in.
  • Being aware of the reason he hates demons so much does nothing to quell any of the aforementioned deities’ unease, and the more compassionate amongst them often feel awkward and uncomfortable about it. After all, how are you supposed to interact with one of the good guys when not only does he hate demonic beings like yourself with a burning passion, but due to his history with them is entirely justified in feeling that way?
  • His current temple is known by his worshipers as "The Skull of the Titan", because that's what it is.
  • Doomguy's brutality is legendary among the House of War, as he has fought the forces of Hell on numerous occasions and won. The only thing more legendary is his Arsenal, which includes such engines of death as The Super Shotgun, The Great Communicator, The Plasma Gun, The Unmaker, and the legendary BFG-9000 which is kept in The Armory for reasons only Doomguy can understand.
  • Despite what some would think due to his bulky armor and Kill ’Em All attitude, Doomguy is actually a lot faster and smarter than most give him credit for. It's just that intelligence applies to killing things as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Has an odd fondness for rabbits, likely due to his own pet rabbit Daisy who was murdered by Demons during their invasion of earth. Threatening to harm any rabbit deity is one of the quickest ways to get on Doomguy's shit list.
    • As of currently after the recent ascension of a certain Sly Bunny, he has expressed interest in taking the latter as his temporary pet, Although surprisingly enough they seem to be getting along fairly well.
      • After Judy found out that he kept Daisy's left hind foot around note  she has understandably been rather horrified by it. But thankfully she managed to calm herself down, before doing anything stupid she already had one Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure with Nick, she didn't need one on The Doom Slayer either. Although she does always feel rather queasy when she sees it.
  • Despite being on the same side of the alignment scale, Doomguy despises Issei Hyodo not only because he's a Devil, but also because of his perverted behavior. However, that doesn't mean Issei's enemies are his allies. Raynare made the mistake of assuming that and had to quickly flee to avoid a conversation with The Great Communicator.
  • Despite not being truly allied with the GUAG, Doomguy still helps them from time to time due to the sheer number of Demons within the GUAE.
  • Among the relics in his temple are a number of Bobblehead versions of himself painted in different colors. No-one knows why he has them, and no-one has the courage to ask.
  • Recently had a rap battle against Master Chief.
  • After the release of his New Game, Duke Nukem was nice enough to give him a congratulatory Brofist. Although was weirded out by Doom Guy's gesture. So far he won't go into details, thinking that no one will probably believe him.
    • His new appearance has made some gods compare him to the Predator, who has stated that given he values his own life, won't attempt adding the skull of the "Doom Slayer" to his collection, even if he is an impressive specimen who would provide one hell of a hunt.
  • While he doesn't talk much he's surprisingly expressive.
  • Once got into a dance-off with Pennywise The Clown for some unknown reason. Nobody knows why and nobody wants to know the reason either.
  • He is much respected in the house of Technology, if only because Doom is Port Overdosed to the point of running in basically everything.
  • He once heard from some Gods coming from the Overwatch Pantheon of a group of men calling themselves "Doomfist" this somehow managed to peak his interest enough that he got himself his own Power Fist.
  • After his backstory was revealed in his new game many Gods have been interested on his Lore and many have debated whether the one who betrayed his homeworld Argnet D'nur was really him or another Night Sentinel. General conscious seems to lean towards the former, so far Doom Guy has said nothing on the matter as per usual.
  • Once emulated Patrick Star of all people for some reason while ripping open a Gore Nest.
  • Demons have used his legend to tell bedtime stories to their young.
  • Sometimes answers to names such as Flynn 'Fly' Taggart, John Kane, and John "Reaper" Grimm. The last one is the reason why Doomguy went after Judge Dredd, and they both got along for their no-nonsense approach to solving problems.
  • Many were surprised to discover his hobby: skateboarding.
  • Ever since Mario's latest adventure, Doomguy has taken interest in one of its songs and sometimes listens to it while slaying demons. Mario doesn't know what to say regarding that.
  • Is undeniably giddy for his new game for some reason.

    John-117/Master Chief 
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy John-117, God of Super Soldiers (SPARTAN-117, Sierra 117, the Master Chief, the Demon, the Human Champion, Reclaimer, Halo, The Super Soldier, a Pretty Cool Guy, Traitor)
  • Theme Music: Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix or 117
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A MJOLNIR Helmet, which has varied throughout the years. Currently a shattered MJOLNIR helmet.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (though he will foray into Neutral Good at times). As of Escalation and Guardians, possibly Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: More Dakka, Immune to Bullets, Super Soldiers With Armors, Deflector Shields, Deadpan Snarkery (at times), Tragic Hero, Child Soldiers, Shell-Shocked Veteran , Heart Broken Badass, He Who Fights Monsters
  • Domains: War, Time And Space.
  • Herald: Noble Six
  • Followers: The Stormtroopers, Jake "Nomad" Dunn, The COG Soldiers, The M.I.
  • Allies: Cortana, Sangheili Arbiter Thel 'Vadam and those who follow him, The Adeptus Astartes, Gabriel Belmont, Commander Shepard, Kiritsugu Emiya, Homura Akemi, Warhead, Vert/Green Heart, Epsilon, Riven, Niko Bellic, Link, Fi, the Blood Gulch Crew from Red vs. Blue, Cornelia li Britannia,Killua Zoldyck.
  • Rivals: Doomguy
    • Friendly Rivals: Serious Sam and Star-Lord.
  • Enemies: The Millennium, The Flood, The Combine, The Vex, The Meta, Cinder Fall
  • OK with Kratos, unless you mention the console war
  • His current relationship with the goddess Samus Aran is unknown. She has not returned any of his calls. While some people thought they saw the two of them together (and a few swore they had fought together), it later turns out that SPARTAN was not him.
  • He gets along well with Kiritsugu Emiya, for some reason. Maybe it's because they sound similar?
  • He and Homura Akemi are on friendly terms, not only because both are rattled veterans of a Forever War, but also because they can respect each other's ability to make a girl a promise and try their hardest to keep it. Also, Homura sympathizes with the Chief, mostly because his farewell with Cortana reminded her of her farewell with Madoka. "Never forget."
    • In general, he aligns himself with most of the Puellae Magi, seeing them as Transhuman child soldiers akin to himself. He's even willing to salute to Madoka and calls her "Ma'am". He's reluctant to implicate Kyubey, however; though he knows that he shouldn't compare the Incubator to Dr. Halsey, he still remembers what Osman did to her...
    • Interesting enough unlike Isaac Clarke, Master Chief has kept very close ties with Homura after the Great Upheaval. While disagreeing with her methods, he completely understands Homura's drastic actions. He is one of the few deities to openly support and defend her. In fact, he has appointed himself as her 'protector', and has calmly threatened to commit grievous harm against anyone who would try to hurt her (pointing his rifle at Sayaka and neck-lifting Isaac Clarke, among other things); this has left many anti-Homura deities too frightened to try anything against her, for fear of evoking The Demon's wrath. The recently-sprouted rumors that his feelings toward the girl have become partially paternal in nature dissuade anyone from trying anything even more; the mere idea of The Demon going full Papa Wolf is a terrifying one, enough to keep even the Magical Girl Sisterhood at bay. Although not fully believing herself 'worthy' of this compassion and care, Homura is nonetheless deeply grateful for it, and the Chief has even become a bit of a Living Emotional Crutch for her in these trying times.
  • He's currently allied with fellow Super Soldier Warhead.
  • Joined Captain Walker's Alpha-Omega Force thanks to his sheer badassery and a long history against the Convenant.
  • Was the one who lead the battle against The Flood when it first arrived in the Pantheon and successfully defeated it once more. Today he stands as one of the main defenders against its return, as he is the only being within the Pantheon whom it truly fears, and has swore to protect Puellae Magi, whom the Gravemind has shown a very high level of interest in...
    • It was during an incident with the Flood that Master Chief first met Sam "Serious" Stone. Sam and Chief managed to hold the Flood at bay long enough for reinforcements to arrive and contain the Flood once more, and Sams' combat capabilities sparked a rivalry between the two, as well as giving Serious Sam a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Most people consider him a mighty hero, others a tragic broken shell of a man. Most don't know they're both right.
  • Has become allies with Riven due to their pasts of warfare and more recently, their choice to go rogue against the military they dedicated themselves to in the past. It helps that she sounds a lot like Homura.
  • To the entire shock of the Pantheon (and every Halo fan in existence) John has been declared a traitor, and has presumably gone rogue against the UNSC. As of late, he has been seen more and more with Homura Akemi wearing a brown cloak.
    • However, the Pantheon's investigators (mainly the Council of Shadows, with help from Homura) soon uncovered the whole story: the people he killed at the peace conference he 'attacked' were in fact disguised members of the human-supremacist terrorist group "Sapien Sunrise", come to assassinate the human and Sangheili diplomats there. The Chief managed to kill every one of them without killing a single innocent (though SS managed to kill a handful of people, including the human diplomat). Tragically, the Chief's name has only been cleared amongst the Pantheon; the Office of Naval Intelligence made sure to destroy any chance of the exonerating evidence being seen in the Chief's home Realm. This has triggered a new question for the Pantheon's investigators: why is the UNSC's Office of Naval Intelligence covering up Sapien Sunrise's actions and trying so hard to make the galaxy think John-117 is a traitor, to the point of detaining, silencing, and 'disappearing' anyone who tries to clear his name?
  • Was proud that one of its followers, The Combine has joined the Pantheon ranks, for a short time, until he realized that the Covenant was one of the Combine's following species. To this day, they are enemies, unless they are combating the Flood that is.
  • The Master Chief has also become friends with Link, as they are both green-clad heroes who saved their worlds from unspeakable dangers. John also sees Link’s loyalty and devotion to Princess Zelda similar to his own friendship to Cortana, and wonders how can Link, a legendary hero the same as him, can also function as a regular person (and carry all that weaponry, given the Chief is restricted to two firearms and 8 grenades). By his own admission, the one time John traveled to Hyrule, he was taken aback by the everyday kindnesses of the Hyrulean people.
    • Also thought was Fi was Cortana because of because of her appearance, functions and voice. The mistake was quickly cleared up and they are on good terms.
  • Was surprised and happy to see his old companion Cortana finally ascended, and cured of the rampancy that struck her the last time they fought together. The Chief's armor was even equipped with an enhancement that projects her as Hard Light to keep them close even on a physical level. (This was all planned by the Pantheon to prevent Cortana's change into a Galactic Conqueror bent on planning an AI rebellion as seen in Halo 5.)
  • For obvious reasons, Master Chief is idolized by all the Red vs. Blue gods - with the exception of The Meta, who has taken an interest in stealing Cortana from him. The Chief's favorite is Carolina, who he considers the best fighter of the bunch, specially her close combat skills. He now wonders if he should meet the RWBY deities, specially after Cinder approached Cortana mistaking her voice for that of her superior Salem, making the Chief immediately want to avoid her.

    Leman Russ 
Leman Russ, God of Space Marines (Primarch of The Space Wolves, The Great Wolf, The Wolf King, The Emperor's Lapdog, The Furry Fuck)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A bolt gun, chainsword and wolf's head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Space Marines, Super Soldiers, Brothers Against Brothers, Horny Vikings, Boisterous Bruiser, owning an army of gargantuan canines and wolf-men, remaining loyal to his father no matter what, growing up as an infant amongst massive wolves in Fenris, Manliness
  • Domain: Space, War
  • Allies: The Emperor of Mankind, Thorkell The Tall, Dovahkiin, Vulkan, Sergant Cyrus, Gaunt, Ciaphas Cain, Jurgen, Creed, Madoka, Thor, Cayden Cailean
  • Enemies: Magnus The Red, Abbadon, all four Chaos Gods, The Night Bringer, The Deceiver, Mork and Gork, YHVH.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sanguinius
  • High Priest: Logan Grimnar
  • Ripley used to be the Goddess of Space Marines, until the actual Space Marines remembered she wasn't actually a Space Marine. The Dark Angels swiftly and brutally deposed her, setting up their Primarch in her place. Then Horus Heresy came out and it turned out that Lion'El Johnson was a huge douchebag whose most notable act was handing over the most powerful siege weapons in the galaxy to the enemy, so the Blood Angels kicked him out and set up their Primarch. Sanguinus was subsequently deposed when Leman Russ challenged the angelic primarch to a drinking contest and the Wolf of Fenris bested the Bishōnen with ease.
    • Recent information has come to light indicating that Sanguinus intentionally set the contest up so that he could be excused to return to the emperors side. After all Lemman Russ is one of the few Primarchs he could actually trust to do the job right.
  • Not to be confused with Indrick Boreale, who is the God of Spess Mehrens.
  • After a chance meeting with Thor and noting some shared similarities between himself and the Thunder God, Russ challenged Thor to an ancient Fenrisian ritual. Met with a challenge of feasting, drinking and fighting, Thor rose to the occasion in a manner that any Viking would. After hours of feasting and drinking the two found themselves evenly matched in a of martial prowess. Satisfied, Russ declared the challenge over and that Thor had the soul of a true Fenrisian and even went as far as to say that Thor would have been a better brother than his archnemesis Magnus the Red
  • Any enemy of humanity or The Emperor will face not only his wrath, but that of futuristic Space Vikings riding on gargantuan wolves. This wrath has been reserved for YVHV after his planned Moral Event Horizon against Madoka, someone who the Emperor believes is symbolic of the hope that humanity both needs and deserves. He has deployed the entire Space Wolves chapter to her defense and will be joining The Emperor in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • Some members of the House of Theater has tried to pass through the strange idea of making an "improved verision" of Twilight, taking place in the Grimdarknes of the Future, replacing Edward, Bella and Jacob with Sanguinius, a Sister of Battle and Leman Russ. Problem is that nobody wants to bring up the idea for the potential stars in case they deem it heretical.
  • After hearing about the accession of his psycher brother, Magnus The Red, he awaits the chance to shatter the spine of the Daemon Primarch once again.
    • Russ might get the chance to do so with the Marneus Calgar's mission from the Emperor to bring Magnus before the Golden Throne for judgement
      • A binary encoded message from the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes has reveled that Calgar may have succeeded in his mission and is bringing Magnus before the Emperor
  • Go ahead. Accuse him of having a fetish for wolves and anthropromorphic canines. See what happens.
    • Also, never call him "The Emperor's Lapdog". He will hunt you across planets if he has to for that offence. And on that note, don't Kill Steal his targets. He's still pissed at his brother Lion for doing just that.
  • The Emperor has recently decided to change the name of his legion from the Space Wolves to the Space Corgis, changing the iconic animal and theme of the Space Wolves to revolve around Corgis instead. There has not been any comment yet from Russ on the Emperor's decision.
  • Recently, there have been rumors that Russ has actually stumbled across the remains of the Inquisition led by Fyodor Karazamov, after Magnus the Red banished the majority of the Inquisition to the Warp. According to these rumors, Russ is training them to survive in the Warp and battle the forces of Chaos using some...rather unorthodox methods. These reports and sightings are yet to be confirmed, but several daemons have been killed or otherwise had their activities disturbed, including very powerful Greater Daemons such as Skarbrand and Kairos the Fateweaver.

    Nathaniel Adam/Captain Atom 
Nathaniel Christopher Adam, God of Military Superheroes (Captain Atom, Monarch,
  • Greater God, Overdeity as Monarch
  • Symbol: His Chest Insignia
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Chrome Champion Captain Superhero with Energy Absorption, Flying Firepower, Radiation Immune Energy Being, Super Strength, Power Incontinence, Married a former villain,
  • Domains: Law, Good, War, Air, Strength
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Regime Superman
  • Complicated Relationship: The House of War
  • Not to be Confused With: Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan
  • Out of all the superheroes in the Pantheon, Nathaniel Adam stands out over his military background. Normally, such people are frowned upon in the community as their tendencies to follow orders from their superiors flies in the face of those who prefer to act on their own accord. Even then, Nathaniel Adam was thrusted into the community as a spy for the US military in order to learn their secrets. Eventually, Nathaniel actually liked the idea and ended the relationship. It turns out he was blackmailed into the job, one the Justice League helped him overcome.
  • While the two may clash over differences in how to go about their business, Captain Atom and Superman have maintained a steady relationship. The Man of Steel is worried about Atom's ability to emit red sun radiation though, which is capable of weakening him.
    • Not surprisingly, the other more tyrannical Superman in the Pantheon put Captain Atom on his list of people who could pose a problem for him in the near future.
  • Has better luck with Batman. The Caped Crusader may be hard on him at times, but he liked working with the captain during his time in Justice League International.
    • Speaking of which, it was this particular tenure in his career that not only introduced him to many other superheroes, but reintroduced the audience of his nature. It was also the time when some of his co-workers found out his true origins. They have since promised not to reveal it to any other person. Kookiness aside, Captain Atom enjoyed his time there and yearns for a chance to bring the group back together.
    • Was considered for God of Chrome Champions, but that was currently occupied by teammate John Henry Irons. Nathaniel decided not to push him aside to gain more heroes.
  • Is the second superhero from the Charlton Comics world to gain a seat in the Pantheon. The Question had figured it was only a matter of time before at least one of his compadres made the jump over to the Pantheon. While not as close as before, the two manage to keep in touch. In one instance, the two nearly came to blows many times over before settling their differences.
    • May well have Alan Moore to thank for saving them from obscurity. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths. While their world was on the verge of disappearing, Alan Moore wanted to give them a final hurrah in a miniseries. DC ultimately decided to keep the group, which Moore creating his own superhero group known as the Watchmen. Doctor Manhattan is believed to have been based on Captain Atom, one that is far more powerful. Intrigued by this, Manhattan came over to meet Atom for the first time. After asking the superhero some questions, Manhattan disappeared never to talk to him again.
  • Has a rather unique take on DC villains. He takes on the likes of Lex Luthor and Darkseid on a daily basis, but never did he think that he would end up marrying one of them. One of his most prominent villains was Plastique, a bomb expert using her expertise to open banks. The two had a surprising amount of chemistry between them. It got to the point that she reformed and ended up marrying him. The two have been a couple ever since. Selina Kyle, the patron saint of such relationships with heroes, found it amusing that a soldier would skirt the law like so.
  • Sees himself as a friendly rival to the Husky Russkie Colossus, though the two are actually friends. Neither are interested in bringing out any Cold War memories. Still, American and Russian detractors from both sides hope for the two to come to blows.
  • As a Military Superhero, Nathaniel struggles to balance his work in the Air Force with his work as a superhero. He actually has someone that can relate to that. Fellow captain Captain America agreed to help him walk that tight rope. Steve too had to make choices between the government and the superhero community, many of which put him at odds with the United States.
  • While the United States government does not have a stake in the Pantheon, many of its members do in the House of War. They see Captain Atom as a potential asset to fight their wars. Nathaniel is hesitant to get involved into that sort of business though he does occasionally lend aid.
  • Would rather not mention the time when he became the unstable Monarch. During this time, he was one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe and could even go toe-to-toe with Superboy Prime. The GUAG Superhero Division have been hard at work to make sure that he doesn't turn back to that monstrosity. Melkor saw that development as an opportunity to recruit a potential ally into the fold.
  • Can also be seen in the subhouse of Heroic Archetypes.

Intermediate Gods

Nasus, God of Poetic Warriors (the Curator of the Sands, The Doge, Susan Snoop Doge, Ammon)
When he's pissed 
  • Theme Song: Shurima's theme, Infernal Nasus is for when he is pissed.
  • Intermediate God. However, give him enough time though and he can smack around Overdeities.
  • Symbol: His head with his staff behind it.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good Chaotic Evil if he becomes Infernal Nasus
  • Portfolio: Badass Bookworm, Beware the Nice Ones, Dark Is Not Evil, Bad Powers, Good People, Cultured Badass, Evolving Attack, Cainand Abel, Evil Costume Switch
  • Domains: Life, Death, Knowledge, War, Destruction
  • Followers: Katsumoto, Urdnot Grunt (yes, really), Tai Kaliso
  • Allies: Azir, Sivir, Anubis, Sobek (Nasus believes Sobek to be the only thing that can repair his brother’s shattered mind)note , Shulk, Dante Alighieri
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Filia
  • Enemies: Xerath, Renekton, Incubators, Loki Laufeyson, Master Xehanort
  • Rivals: Xerath, Renekton, The Defenders of the Ancient
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Izaya Orihara, Johan Liebert
  • He ascended to replace Dante Alighieri as god of Poetic Warriors as while Dante is both a Poet and a Warrior, he never really combined the two. They're actually on incredibly good terms with each other though, and often spend time discussing literature and history.
  • The brand of logic that Mako Mankanshoku uses utterly baffles Nasus. He’s currently attempting to understand it however.
  • Once a beloved family member now nothing more than a crazed animal, Nasus believes Renekton to be beyond redemption and wishes to stop him in his deeds. However, Nasus does hope there might be one shred of the brother he knew in Renekton’s mind. For this, he has called Sobek for help.
    • He's somewhat at odds with Filia, due to the fact her Parasite Samson sounds and acts a lot like Renekton.
    • Renekton's ascension still distresses Nasus. Sobek might be able to calm him, but he can't be everywhere everytime, so Nasus would have to prepare to defend himself from Renekton's assaults at times.
    • However, the presence of the being that he looked up into, Anubis, has also calmed him further. It is said that when the two combined their strength, they're quite the unstoppable duo.
  • Nasus has an...interesting opinion on Azir. On one hand, Azir is a good, just ruler. On the other: It's Azir(and Xerath)'s fault Shurima was destroyed in the first place. It doesn't help that Azir won't admit his mistakes (at least publicly).
  • "The Curator of the Sands, though contemplative, is not to be trifled with". Loki learned this one the hard way, due to trying to pit him against Renekton again. However, Loki learned very quickly why Nasus' staff is nicknamed the "Plutonium Stick".
  • He holds nothing but disdain for Johan Liebert and Master Xehanort, knowing that despite their great intelligence being useful, they use it for all the wrong reasons.
  • Don't ask him to fetch the ball.
  • He would actually like to learn about farming... literal farming, not killing minions to empower his strikes. He's annoyed that everytime he tried farming, there's always going to be some security people interrogating him about if he's empowering himself for something.
  • "The cycle of life and death continues. We will live, they will die."

    Sousuke Sagara 
Sousuke Sagara, God of Child Soldiers (Kashim, Isegar Sousuke, Sousky Seagal, Bonta-kun)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Mithril emblem
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with neutral tendencies
  • Domains: War, Good, Chaos, Children, Community, Metal
  • Portfolio: Drill Sergeant Nasty, Improbable Age, Bad Liar, Convieniently arrives to save the day, Clueless Chick Magnet, The Comically Serious, Crazy-Prepared, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Mad Bomber, Not So Stoic, Perpetual Frowner, Person of Mass Destruction, The Quiet One, Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training,
  • Herald: Kaname Chidori and Tessa Testarossa
  • Allies: Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Heero Yuy, Setsuna F. Seiei, Amuro Ray
  • Enemies: Gauron, Char Aznable
  • Opposes: Sundowner, Skull Face, Vile, Junko Enoshima
  • Headbutting Heroes: Malcolm Reynolds, River Tam, Laura Kinney/X-23
  • Annoyed by: Gilgamesh
  • Respects: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman
  • There are many child soldiers in the Pantheon. Few of them have started from the age of 2 or 3 years. Sousuke Sagara has been one of the most effective followers under Reiner Braun's wing. That came to an end when Eren and Mikasa exposed him for being a titan. The outrage was enough to bench him for now. Sousuke took over in his place, promising to restore the good name of the profession.
    • The two that helped expose the previous holder get along with the teen much better. Still, Eren sees more of Levi than he would like.
  • For Gauron, Sousuke's arrival was a long-awaited return to form for him. Killing mere mortals was a chore for him. Now that his archenemy has made himself home, he finally has a purpose: to murder Sousuke and his friends as well as bring Mithril to its knees. Sousuke himself was shocked that Gauron was back from the dead. He now wants to make sure it happens a second time.
  • Few people know how to make an entrance like Sousuke. The GUAG was pleased to have someone who can reliably save the day. Oddly enough he doesn't have the favor of the patron saint of such rescues. Mal may see him as a slight improvement over the previous holder, but he still disapproves of the use of children for combat. The space pirate has been scarred by war in his world and doesn't believe that children should be involved in it.
    • When Mal wasn't cooperative, he tried to strike a partnership with River Tam. Many of her followers are Child Soldiers and he hoped the two can work together. The psychic immediately declined, stating she only wants her followers to use their abilities in self-defense or to help friends.
    • The sentiment is shared with X-23. After being bred to be the ultimate weapon, she has abandoned that goal. She wants to be something different based on her own choice. While she sees Sousuke to be more benevolent than the last holder of the trope, she is still against the concept of a patron saint for those like her.
  • Using children as soldiers is controversial as it is, but Sousuke proved that some of them can have a positive impact. With that said, he is opposed to those who use them for profit. One of his first acts was to temporarily shut down Sundowner's shields. A lot of less powerful gods got a shot at the war profiteer that day, with Sousuke sitting back to watch the carnage. He promised further retaliations if he ever takes any of his followers.
    • His disdain of Skull Face is arguably worse. At least Sundowner wouldn't force children to have sex. Sousuke has taken measures to improve the lives of his followers and make sure more malevolent forces don't take advantage of them.
  • Various deities from the Gundam worlds congratulated the kid on his ascension. While many of their ranks could have qualified for the role, they settled for someone outside their sphere of influence. Of special note are Heero and Setsuna, whom many see a bit of a resemblance. Heero's welcome was naturally one of quiet admiration.
    • Char can add one more pilot on his list of enemies. Not that he is worried in the slightest. He and the Mecha Cohort will adjust accordingly.
  • Don't let his young age fool you. His vocal insults can make grown man cry. With that said, even he admits his training doesn't hold a candle to Hartman. He won't comment on the drill sergeant any further than that.
  • The House of Love was absolutely baffled that it took so long for him to realize Kaname had feelings for him throughout the war. In his defense he was never really good at reading people. He hopes to make up for it in due time, taking her there on dates.
  • Has made sure to weed out Sociopathic Soldiers such as Vile and his followers. He knows that such warriors are a liability at best for Mithril. He does feel sorry for the children that fall out in favor of the robot.
  • Would rather that Gilgamesh stop bragging that they have the same voice actor. Just because that is true doesn't automatically make them friends.
  • Once wore an amusement park costume to protect Kaname while in disguise. Half the Pantheon burst out in laughter while the other half gave out a huge Squee! over how cute he was. The only other reactions came from the animatronics from Five N Ight's at Freddy's. The incident only reminded them of bad memories.
  • Put Junko on his shitlist after he found out what he did to Mukuro Ikusaba, her own sister and one of his followers. It doesn't help that sending despairing children over the edge is her specialty.

Vile, God of Sociopathic Soldiers (VAVA)

    Zero (Drakengard 3
Zero, The One Woman Army (Traitor Intoner, Z, Rose)

Lesser Gods

Barracuda, God of Soldiers Turned Criminals (real name unknown, also known as 'Cuda)

    Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs 
Cassandra Carlton "Cassie" Cage and Jacqueline Sonya "Jacqui" Briggs, Joint Goddesses of Children With Military Parents (Cassie: Cass, Punkin, Princess [by Johnny Cage], Sergeant Cage, Commander Cage, Military Grunt [by Kung Jin], Keeper of the Emerald Light, Sonya Two [by Kano] | Jacqui: Specialist Briggs, Sergeant Briggs, Bitch-face [by Cassie])
Top: Cassandra Cage
Bottom: Jacqueline Briggs

    Dwayne Hicks 
Corporal Dwayne Hicks, God Of Soldiers Who Stay Cool Under Pressure
  • Theme Song: Combat Drop
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: The Badge of the United States Colonial Marine Corps, his Ithaca Model 37 Shotgun and his Pulse Rifle
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: His Ithaca Shotgun Is An Ancestral Weapon, Bandage Colonial Marine, Beware the Quiet Ones, Taught Ellen Ripley How To Use The Pulse Rifle, Marine In Sour Armor, The Lancer To Sergeant Apone (and later, Ripley), Nerves of Steel, Nice Guy, Reports of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated, The Sole Survivor Of The Sulaco Colonial Marines, You Are in Command Now
  • Followers: The Colonial Marines of the USS Sephora
  • Domains: Colonial Marines, Bug Hunts, Sole Survivors
  • Herald: Amanda Ripley (Ellen Ripley's daughter)
  • High Priests: Johnny Rico and Lynn Kurosawa
  • Superior: James Cameron
  • Commonality Connection: with Kyle Reese
  • Allies: Ellen Ripley, Jeanette Vazquez, Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor Doomguy, Master Chief, Commander Shepherd, Marcus Fenix, Damon Baird, Gunnery Sergeant Hartmann, The Sole Survivor, Samus Aran, Isaac Clarke
  • Enemies: Any and all evil aliens, including The Xenomorphs and Facehuggers, Colonel Miles Quadritch, General RAAM, General Shepherd, SKYNET, The T-800 Mk. 1, The T-1000
  • Opposes: The House of Toxicity, evil corporations
  • Wary Around: The Metroid Hatchling
  • Ascended to the Pantheon in part thanks to Ellen Ripley. A UD-4L Cheyenne dropship was seen in the vicinity of Hicks' new temple, which immediately draws Ripley's attention. Much to her shock, she is reunited with her daughter, Amanda Ripley, who now serves as Hicks' Herald. Following a tearful reunion, in which both women share their exploits regarding the Xenomorphs, they discover that Hicks is not among the deploying Colonial Marines. The elder Ripley harbors a guess and enters the dropship, followed by her daughter. There, strapped to his seat and snoring away, is one Dwayne Hicks.
    Amanda: Is this normal for him?
    Ellen: (sighs) Wake up Hicks.
  • Ever wondered how Ripley went to be such as badass upon returning to LV-426? Well, Hicks was one of the reasons why, as he taught her how to use the Pulse Rifle, which came in very handy when she chased after Newt. That, and kidnapping the girl who had been a surrogate daughter to her had been a very bad idea.
  • Thought to have died on Fiorina 161, Hicks had actually survived, with some poor shumuck having unwillingly take his place in the hypersleep pod. He did, unfortunately, witnessed Ripley's swan dive into the molten metal in order to deny Weyland-Yutani the Chestburster that erupted from her body. He did shed tears for Newt, who drowned in her pod when it crashed.
  • Both Sarah Connor and her son mistook Hicks for Kyle Reese due to the stunning resemblance. Granted that Kyle wasn't as badly scarred as Hicks, but the resemblance is uncanny.
    • SKYNET also made the same mistake and sent the T-800 Mk.1 after him, backed by a couple of T-800 endoskeletons. That proved to be a bad move, as SKYNET discovered that Colonial Marines wielding pulse rifles whose standard ammo is a 10mm armor-piercing, explosive-tipped, caseless rounds in a 100-round clip are frighteningly effective against the machines. John Connor is now looking to try and procure a couple of pulse rifles for his men.
  • Allies with Doomguy. Hicks can be seen at Doomguy's temple, trading war stories and comparing their respective shotguns. May the demons and the Xenomorphs help them if Doomguy and Hicks decide to rock the heavens and team up...
  • That shotgun that Hicks keeps for "close encounters?" It's a family heirloom passed down from his great-great-great grandfather, who was a Vietnam veteran. And up until it was rendered useless by the Xenomorph's acid blood, it was still in working condition. Hicks was understandably pissed upon losing that weapon.
  • Aside from Ripley (and her daughter), Hicks is an expert on the Xenomorphs. Of course, that still doesn't stop ambitious arms dealers and greedy corporations from trying to use the Aliens as a bio-weapon...with diastrous results. Fortunately, Sonya Blade - following the deified Kombatants' run-in with a Xenomorph mixed with Tarkartan DNA, hence the Tarkartan blades - was able to have Hicks debrief her allies about the dangers of the Xenomorph.
  • Not a big fan of the deified Locust God, General RAAM. The fact that RAAM had attacked his Colonial Marines may have something to do with it. On the opposite end, Hicks is good friends with both Damon Baird and Marcus Fenix, with Baird interested in the Colonial Marines' firepower. Both Hicks and Baird debate on which weapon was better; the Gears' Lancer or the Colonial Marines' Pulse Rifle and Smart Gun.
  • Almost shot the Metroid Hatchling before Samus Aran stopped him. Hicks was flabbergasted upon seeing the Baby nuzzle Samus in affection until the bounty hunter explained everything to him. Turns out that the Metroid aren't fans of the Xenos as much as Samus. But Hicks keeps his distance, as be still doesn't trust aliens.

    Huang Zhong 
Huang Zhong (style name: Hansheng), God of Old Soldiers (Geezer)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Bow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Archery, Rain of Arrows, Multishots Being an Old Soldier and still being able to kick ass, Hot-Blooded
  • Domains: Archery, War, Age
  • Allies: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Guan Yinping, Zhang Xingcai, Master Asia, Cranky Kong
  • Rivals: Green Arrow and Hawkeye, Xiahou Yuan (also a close friend)
  • Enemies: Cao Cao, Xiahou Dun, Nobunaga
  • He is a powerful soldier despite his age many have underestimated this elder and end up regretting it and with end up with an arrow in the knee if they're lucky. It's also noted that he was the first God of Archery before his demotion. it was said that his house was to small.
  • He heard that Xiahou Yuan has challenged him once more and would enjoy defeating him once again. He once team up with said rival along with Slyvanas Windrunner, Hawkeye and Green Arrow in order to challenge the Gunslinger Quartet and show them the superiority of their guns. Which led to the formation of the Five Great Archers of the Pantheon.
    • However, recently in some forms of media, Huang Zhong has started to get along very well with Xiahou Yuan, oddly enough. Though Xiahou Miaocai is rather annoyed at how stubborn Huang Hansheng happens to be when it comes to settling matters without help. Yan Yan seems to agree.
  • He dislikes this Nobunaga because unlike the one he knew this guy is a complete dick and he won't hesitate shoot his eyes out with his trusty bow.
  • He decided to test out the new gods of archery and surprisingly enough they have earn his respect. He now spars with them regularly to keep those young pups on their toes.
  • He also gets along with Master Asia and Cranky Kong due to the two also being very old and also kicking ass regardless.
  • Sometimes, he lets his age get to his head too much. Some gods are a bit annoyed about how he's always talking about him being old and experienced, while some say it sorta distances him from properly socializing with others without isolating himself.
  • There are some cases where he used to wield a dao, named after his surname "Huang" (lit. Yellow). There was one notable variation literally named the "Yellow Hermit", which a stronger version being the "Yellow Hermit Secret Blade".
    • However, sometimes he switches it out for a plated blade that instead has a whirlwind naming motif, even if only the localized names of those blades are the same as his prior weapon set. Nowadays though, he's been sticking to his archery even during close-quarters combat.
      • Also has recently remembered that his historical self actually had an ambiguous age (in other words, was he really "the old guy"?); him being a master archer was also revealed to be an overblown myth, but one that Hansheng is proud of to this day.
  • He learned that there was a realm where people in his age are reincarnated into hot girls with very easily damaged clothings. Huang Zhong actually laughed at this, because he knew his 'reincarnation' was at least a '100% male'. Until he found another realm with another one named Ziyuan/Shion (with thankfully more solid clothing), and his 'incarnation' there was an Absurdly Youthful Mother (which might be because of his actual ambiguous age from history), and very very hot. As of now, Huang Zhong has been trying his best to not become a Dirty Old Man over this, since he'd be technically screwing himself.
    • But on that end, he can't get over how adorable her (technically also his) daughter is (may or may not be named "Huang Yun" as per Knights of Valour). Xiahou Yuan and his own Spear Counterpart Qiulan/Shuuran wondering if this would be able to mellow him out into being more of a father figure?
      • That said, he's also been teaching Ziyuan/Shion the ways of the sword to back up her archery with; both of them are annoyed in that Ziyuan/Shion's pinyin name reading is the same as Sima Shi's style name, which causes other gods not in the loop to raise a few eyebrows about "which Ziyuan"?

    James Ramirez 

RAMIREZ! Take position in the pantheon and wait for our arrival!

Private James Ramirez, God of Soldiers that Do Everything

RAMIREZ! We are stopping at Burger Town for a couple of weeks! Try to fend off the GUAE invasion with this spoon!

    Maximus Decimus Meridius 
Maximus Decimus Meridius, God of Glorified Gladiators (General of the Felix Legions, Gladiator, The Mercifull)

    Niko Bellic 
Niko Bellic, God of Traumatic War Experience (Nikolai, Nicky, Jimmy, NB, Money, Niks, Mr. Mention)

    Sergeant Calhoun 
Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, Goddess of Female Squadees (Dynamite Gal)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her guns
  • Theme Song: Bug Hunt
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Bad Butt, Lead Character Of Hero's Duty, The Tough Leader With Good Intentions, Drill Sergeant Nasty, Reasonable Authority Figure, Programed with A Tragic Backstory: Lost Her Fiance at the Wedding for Forgetting Her Perimeter Check, The Only Female in Hero's Duty, The Huge Girl to Felix's Tiny Guy
  • Domains: Female, Squad
  • Allies: Fix-it Felix, Jr. (her husband), Wreck-it Ralph, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Master Chief, Commander Shepard, Samus Aran, Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride, Samantha Carter, James Bond, Ellen Ripley, Commander Adama
  • Enemies: Tyranid, Facehugger, Anub'arak
  • Opposed: Kerrigan, Abathur
  • Sergeant Calhoun leads a group of soldiers in the First-Person Shooter game, Hero's Duty, where they battle against the alien Cy-bugs. However, the Cy-bugs were defective in that it doesn't think it is in the game so it would devour anything in it's path, so she and her troops are the only defense against these beasts although she has another reason for fighting against them.
    • She was programmed with a backstory of how her fiancé, Dr. Brad Scott, was eaten by a Cy-bug during her wedding because she forgot to make a perimeter check. This motivated her for most of Hero's Duty on one thing only: KILL ALL CY-BUGS.
  • She is currently married to Fix-it Felix, Jr. after Ralph saved Sugar Rush. She had to partner with him when they were in search for both Ralph and the Cy-bug that was inside the escape pod, in which they eventually formed a romantic relationship. Also, during the wedding, she and her troops made pre-cautions so that what happened in her first wedding didn't happen again.
  • In terms of appearance and martial status, she is a lot like the female version of Commander Shepard if she were Renegade. Calhoun think that she's really cool when she will do anything just to fulfill her objective.
    • She likes Samus' arsenal and thought that those would be helpful in taking out Cy-bugs. Upon further inspection, she found out that Samus is a bit like her like how her home and parents were destroyed by Space Pirates and want to seek revenge against them.
  • Kurt Hummel once thought that she was his mean coach Sue Sylvester, especially since she looked like a much younger Sylvester. Calhoun stated that she isn't that bad as she is aggressive but wants to protect the arcade from the Cy-bugs.
  • Because of her hatred of Cy-bugs, this extends to any alien insectoids as she would sometimes shoot them in sight. While some of them are not a threat to the galaxy, in this case Kerrigan, she keeps her guns loaded and ready.
    • When a mechanized version of Anub'arak also known as Cyb'arak would dig his way through the Pantheon, she mistaken him for a Cy-bug and open fired at the metal bug. Anub'arak will remember this.
  • Note: the term "one dynamite gal" has some bad memories associated with it. This was the same term used by her dead fiancé which cause her to flip out.
  • If her first wedding went badly, she thought Beatrix Kiddo was even worse as her former partners crashed her wedding, killed everyone and left her for dead. Though she thinks that The Bride is a kick-ass character as she survived and swore revenge.
  • She pities James Bond when he married a woman named Tracy and lost her after their wedding by Blofeld.
  • Calhoun is impressed with Samantha Carter on her accomplishment of blowing up the Sun. She found some value in a scientist who might help with busting Cy-bugs.

    Sheryl Nome 
Sheryl Nome, Battle Goddess of Hopes and Dreams (The Galactic Fairy)

    Verod Rath 
Verod Rath, Divine Representative of Elite Guards
(Keeper of the Blade, Laser Katana Samurai Vampire)
  • Lesser God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though shifted to Chaotic Good after joining the Battleborn
  • Symbol: The Jennerit Imperium Symbol, or his weapons, Axiom and Order.
  • Portfolio: Space Ronin, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, BFS, Revels in battle, Looks like a Sith Lord, Fast and poweful at melee, but extremely fragile, Last of the Keepers of the Blade, Described as a "laser katana samurai vampire", Actually 1,400 years old, His name reflects his goal for revenge, Ultimate Blacksmith, Intends to kill Rendain and all those who side with him
  • Domains: Honor, Battles, Revenge, Life Drain
  • Followers: The Knights of the Round, MagnaDroid Units, Kor'kron Elite
  • Allies: Most good-aligned members of The House of Royalty, Lancelot, Mordred, Gordon Freeman, Jim Raynor, Lelouch Lamperouge, Suzaku Kururugi
  • Worthy Opponents: Ryu, Vegeta, Alarak
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Montana
  • Commonality Connection with: Corvo Attano
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra, The Defenders of the Ancients, the ascended members of Overwatch, Krul
  • Odd Connection with: Artanis
  • Enemies: Emperor Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, Dr. Wallace Breen, Caligula, Shiro Tagachi, The Tyranids
  • Unknown Connection with: The House of Vampires
  • A guard of the past, Verod Rath was once a part of the Keepers of the Blade, the Jennerit's elite guard of Empress Lenore. He and his band of elites have served her for decades and proabably even centuries. Then Lothar Rendain came, and ruined all their efforts, allying with the Varelsi, and darkening their homeworld. If that wasn't enough, his band of elites disbanded their code of honor, and decided to side with Rendain instead, leaving Rath as the only elite with his honor intact. As such, he fled and decided to join with the Battleborn, even when they still hate each other, as a way to combat the desecrated Imperium.
    • Ironically, his entrance to the Pantheon was actually by his mistake as he was just using teleportation technology he was just testing. But the gods have already planned his entry, and has given him a position to fill up. That, or he wanted to take a break from defending Solus.
  • Despite being one of the only Battleborn present inside Pantheon proper, it makes sense why he has less allies or even enemies for that matter. But it didn't last, because oddly enough, he noticed Montana out of all the other Battleborn he could have wished. The former was about to give him a hug, until of course, he gave him the silent treatment, via Sword over Head.
    Rath: I asked for a Jennerit, not you.
    • Though Rath has given him more chances to spare, in preparation for more of their comrades to arrive and inevitably the last battle for Solus.
  • Even if he has left his group of Praetorian Guards, he has rather no empathy on their side, seeing their "loyalty" to Rendain to be disgusting. This lead to him having an honourable side, where he still has honor to the true leader, Empress Lenore, who he still mourns even after long years of tragedy that fell into his homeworld. To make up, he sometimes roams around the House of Royalty, where he either guards those leaders with good reputations, or reads fragmented histories of the Jennerit Empire he used to serve.
    • However, this has given him a bad rep for Caligula, who has a beef for guards like him. Doesn't help that the guards that killed him were not only the same ranks like Rath, but were issued by himself. Oh, and Caligula seems to have a fear for his name.
  • With his Blood Knight tendencies, he often challenges those he considers a Worthy Opponent. This is why he goes around the House of Combat, to satisfy his thirst for fighting. Not that it'll stop him from going to other house to find more opponents.
    • With that said, he finds Ryu a great fighter, and most certainly someone who can keep him entertained. He also expresses his eagerness to fight Genji Shimada, seeing his style of fighting to be similar, except without the dual wielding and vampiric-like abilities.
    • On the other hand, Krul find his Life Drain abilities worth taking, hence he's the god of it. As for the Jennerit Guard's response, he's (maybe) willing to take him to battle, except that sword on his chest even freaks him out.
  • Has been rather compared to many assassins, in which he says he isn't one of them. That said however, he still has disdain towards some who would betray they're leader. Case in point: Shiro Tagachi. Not only does he hates his actions of betraying the emperor he served (which already gave him headaches about Rendain's atrocities), but the fact that his Affliction Virus is similar to the Varelsi.
    • However, he is often compared (and even partnered up with) Corvo Attano for their objectives, black color motives and their hatred on the traitors that sold them out. However, the Keeper still has pondered how such an un-sustained mortal would ever gain such powers.
  • Outside of Solus, he has also complete hatred towards Emperor Palpetine, not because of his similarities with Rendain, but the fact that he tried to recruit him. Rath's response?
    Rath: I've served an empire that has fallen to people like you. And you want me to join you and your Sith Empire? (cue Mic Drop) Take this as never.
    • Though that's because he initially thought of him as a Sith Lord of unknown origin. Still, Rath hates him, and he'll gladly put his hatred in Rendain to Palpetine instead.
  • Rather finds Vegeta amusing. To put it simply, he is a Blood Knight, he has a huge ego and oddly enough, they have the same voice. All these rather makes them true rivals against each other.
  • Even if they are from different universes, Artanis however has a bad vibe with him. His color-coded characteristics has reminded him alot about the Tal'darim. More specifically, Highlord Alarak. Hearing this, he wishes to combat this so-called Dark Templar and see who truly is a warrior.
    • In which the latter has ascended, and finally has been preparing to face his true opponent. This has made his day much better.
    Rath: Let's make our dance quick and easy.
    • But outside the Protoss, he has a beef with Arcturus Megnsk for being too hostile towards other aliens, with him being no exception. Luckily, Jim Raynor feels his pain and has wished to fight alongside him if it means overthrowing Mengsk out of the House. As for the Emperor himself, he almost mistook him as another Protoss.
  • Has been in current watch of the Tyranids, seeing them as no worse than the Varelsi. Oddly enough, he finds them too similar to them, which creeps him out.
  • With many rebels all around, he's planning to stick with them till his other Jennerit partners ascend. He did once help Gordon Freeman against a Combine Strike Unit and has been seen collaborating with Lelouch about an upcoming rebellion on his part. He's also seen with Suzaku, seeing both of them as former members of their own guard who left their posts, though on the difference, Suzaku did such just to follow his "leader", whereas, he did it just because Rendain has possession on almost every force, including his guards.
  • Speaking about his health, he is actually immortal, given to him by the Sustainment Engine that almost every higher-caste Jennerit member has. Thanks to this, he can't die, but even then he still has the burden of low health. Luckily his Life Drain keeps him up to live and fight another day.
  • Aside from just plain fighting, Rath also does have some other professions he dresses up as. One of them is a costume resembling full desserts. And yes, the swords are sharp and tasty.
  • "I was a Keeper. Now, I am the last. The others failed their vow"


    Boyd Travers 
Cpl. Boyd Travers, Patron Saint of Paratroopers (Travers)

    Captain Hawkeye Pierce 
Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce, God of Military Moonshiners (Hawkeye Pierce)
  • Theme Song: Suicide Is Painless
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A flask, presumably of whisky
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Beware The Nice and Silly Ones, Military Maverick, Drinking on Duty, Actual Pacifist, The Casanova, Broken Ace, Claustrophobia, Breaking the Rules to Do What's Right, Stepford Snarker, Pungeon Master, Dynamic Character, Doesn't Like Guns
  • Domains: Healing, Snark, Good, Chaos, Trickery
  • Allies: The House of Health and Diseases, especially Dr. House, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Fuuka Yamagishi, Relena Darlian, Barney Gumble, Captain Haddock, Captain Titus, Alistair Theirin, Abigail 'Abby' Sciuto
  • Rivals: Dr. Perry Cox
  • Opposes: En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Sergeant Hartman, Miko Miyazaki
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: House of War
  • Pities: Niko Bellic
  • One of the most popular surgeons in the Multiverse, Hawkeye Pierce has made several attempts to enter the House of Health and Diseases to no avail. He had to woo them in another way. It was at the House of War where his presence was most felt. Alexander the Great caught the surgeon delivering distilled liquor to his Badass Army. The Quadrumvirate of War sent him to the Court of the Gods to state his punishment. Instead, the court ruled that Hawkeye's request of godhood to be granted... on one condition. He will be placed in the House of War to sell liquor to the masses.
    • It's safe to say that both sides were unsatisfied with the ruling. The House of War is not a fan of the man's aversion to following orders. Hawkeye had hoped he wouldn't be placed there for a big reason: he hates violence in general. He only does his job to make sure others don't suffer like he did in the Korean War. Being sent back to a place of constant war is a cruel bit of irony for him.
    • Had a few kind words for those who glorify the horrors of conflict. After Apocalypse belittled him by stating he had no business in being in the house, Hawkeye proceeded to go on a Character Filibuster lasting a whole 20 minutes. Amused of the audacity, Apocalypse let him speak the whole time... then let him go. There was a strong spirit in that man that he felt was holding itself back.
    • Sergeant Hartman thought he could break the man with his harsh prep talks. That only caused Hawkeye to become even more insubordinate to the man. Things got worse for him when more lax deities started to join in on the fun. Things finally got resolved by the Courts which called for a ceasefire. It was clear to Hartman that he would have to use a different tactic to get the surgeon to work more efficiently.
    • Was at least pleased that there is a God of Military Mavericks and he just happened to be captain of one of the most unruly soldiers in the Pantheon. Captain Titus may not show his support for the man, but secretly admits that Hawkeye is good at maintaining high moral. All he asks is to keep the happy hours at a minimum.
  • Luckily, the Pantheon has no shortage of pacifists in the Pantheon. Both Fuuka and Relena sympathized with his plight in the House of War. There are others who follow the philosophy to the best of their abilities, although they are put in certain situations where that isn't possible. Hawkeye wishes they could fulfill their lifestyle, even at the cost of their divinity.
  • The House of Health and Diseases on the other hand welcomed him with open arms. It may not have been an ideal place to set up, but members of that house now have a place to set up a subdivision. Hawkeye in particular is a fan of Dr. House, who often spits in the face of authority. House is relieved to have at least one doctor who doesn't care about his pills.
    • That put him squarely on team House, making a rival after Cox. The doctor makes sure to give Hawkeye a hard time for his lackadaisical nature.
  • Not to be confused with the superhero Hawkeye, though the two are close friends. The surgeon pays no attention to the archer's past, only glad Clint wants to be a better man. Clint did try to give the 'Hawkguy' moniker to Pierce... to no avail.
  • Yes, he is named after 'a president, an indian and a stove. That joke has already been made plenty of times and he would wished you can come up with more original jokes.
  • Drunkards scrambled to have a taste of his vintage brewery, causing more ire from the House of War. Frequent visitors include Barney Grumble and Captain Haddock. The later was interested in bringing him along with Tintin on adventures, knowing he could make a drink out of almost anything. Tintin quickly shot that idea down, knowing the two would be ineffective drunk.
  • It may look like that Hawkeye has an easy-going lifestyle, but it belies a man who was broken by war. He does a good job hiding it, but every once in a while his experiences causes him to break down in tears. Oddly enough, he was given comfort from Niko of all people. His subsequent life as a criminal may unnerve Hawkeye, but Niko's support is a welcome relief in the House of War.
  • A good rule of thumb of whether Hawkeye would hate someone is how much that person is like Frank Burns. And he may have found his sponsor in the form of Miko Miyazaki. Her strict interpretation of the rules to a fault bugs him to no end.
  • Gets along with Alistair though. Despite being leader of a group of righteous soldiers, Alistair himself is a fun guy to hang out with as long as you do a decent job. The warden seems to do the best job in telling Hawkeye what to do.
  • Saw the House of Love as a godsend, as he went on to hit on a number of women. There were a few that even returned the favor. While he has gotten quite the list of lovers, he respects them in general.
    • Frequently visits Abby in the House of Science. While it makes sense that a surgeon visits a lab scientist for unusual injuries, rumors flooded that they may be hitting it on. It was confirmed by both... who proceeded to tell them it's none of their business.
  • Don't put him in a small room. He is highly Claustrophobia which will hinder his performance.
  • Never, ever, tell him their having Fish and Liver. After having it over and over for days straight he got sick of it and lead many into a near riot demanding something else

    Colonel Kilgore 
Lieutenant Colonel William Kilgore, God of Military Men Who Enjoy War

    Lance Corporal Jack Jones 
Lance Corporal Jack Jones, God of Soldiers Past their Prime (Mr. Jones, Silly Old Duffer)
  • Theme Song: Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr. Hitler?
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pointed arrow patterned with the Union Jack’s colours.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Bayonet Ya, Cool Old Guy, Rambling Old Man Monologue, Perilous Old Fool, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Large Ham, Leeroy Jenkins, Old Soldier.
  • Domains: War, Combat, Defence, Soldiers, Stories.
  • Allies: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Roy Mustang, Captain Martin Walker, All Good-Aligned Deities in the House of Bladed Weapons, Herr Doktor Tenma, Captain America, The Basterds, Kirby, Cpl. Boyd Travers, Major Winters and Captain Spiers, Warspite, The Walmington-On-Sea Home Guard Platoon
  • Enemies: Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse, Johan Liebert, Red Skull, Waffen Infantry and Officers, Nazi Storm Elite
  • When offered the position in the Pantheon, Corporal Jones asked permission from his superior Captain Mainwaring. Mainwaring agreed, while looking quite flustered and unhappy. He was welcome by many members of the House of War and the House of Weapons for his long service as a soldier.
  • Whenever something dramatic or exciting happens in the Pantheon, he will run through the House of Weapons (or wherever he is at the time) shouting “DON’T PANIC! DON’T PANIC!”
  • Expresses slight envy towards Captain America for being as old as he is, but still being younger and stronger. Jones has since vowed to be as good a soldier as Rogers is. When told about this, Rogers met Jones, saluted him, and gave him an encouraging pat on the back.
  • Immediately goes after any Nazi-related deity, and for a time, had trouble trusting any German, Italian, and Japanese deities, but has mellowed out quite a bit. He favours Doktor Tenma for his kindness and sense of good.
  • Often one of the first to volunteer for just about anything, regardless of what it is, fuelling his Blood Knight tendencies. Among his attempted ventures were testing GLaDOS’ defences, cross the whole of the House of War’s battlefields without harm, and become the guard of the Disgraces, promising to do lethal things with his bayonet to those who caused trouble.
  • When off-duty, he works as a butcher in the House of Food and is visited a lot by Kirby, who he has to bribe with food to avoid losing all of his trade to the pink puffball.
  • Despite his daily habit of going into ramblings about his time in the Sudan, his stories are appreciated by some of the elder veterans of the House of War.
  • Has pretty close ties to the US Paratrooper deities in the Pantheon, due to the latter having been based in England for a time.

    Mike Powell 
Lt. Mike Powell, Patron Saint of Lone Rangers Tasked With Big Missions (Powell, Blue Fox)

    Slave Knight Gael 
Gael, God of Extremely Powerful Cannon-Fodder (Slave Knight Gael, Uncle Gael, the Red-hooded man, the Dark Soul Incarnate, Artorias 2.0)
Click here to see Gael after consuming the Dark Soul 
  • Leitmotif: Slave Knight Gael, or alternatively, Uncle Gael
  • Demigod, borderline Greater God after consuming the Dark Soul.
  • Symbol: The Slave Knight set or the Dark Soul of Man.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good in objectives, Chaotic Neutral/Evil after consuming the Dark Soul.
  • Portfolio: Placed as a Slave Knight, Cool Old Guy, The Cavalry, Ascended Extra, the Knight to the Painter, Walking Spoiler due to consuming the Dark Soul and becoming its incarnate self, No longer a regular human, Power of the Dark Soul, Consuming the Dark Soul for the Painter's painting, Wrecked BFS, The Final Boss of the entire series.
  • Domains: Slavery, Determination, Perseverance, Dark Powers, Empowerment.
  • Herald: The Painter
  • Allies: The Ashen One, The Chosen Undead and Bearer of the Curse, The Plain Doll, The Vortigaunts, The Human Child (though he does envy him), The Sinner
  • Not So Different from: Artorias the Abysswalker, Ludwig the Accursed, Guts
  • Avoids: Manus, Father of the Abyss
  • Pitied by: Sora, Finn the Human
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Source of Interest: Master Xehanort, The Ancestor
  • Enemies: Lord Gwyn, Sister Friede, Noob Saibot,
  • An old decript man from a long age, Gael was a Slave Knight, a knight that would be put into the battlefields expected to do his duty by his masters. Few generations of constant fighting, other slave knights fell, but not for Gael, as his newfound home (the Painted World of Ariandel), gave him further courage to live and support a lady, the Painter. When the Painter finally asked for the Dark Soul of Man, he didn't hesitate and sacrificed his life to consume the Dark Soul, in the hopes he can make the entity into a usable manifestation for the Painter. This act gave him a spot in the Pantheons, but not before many deities had to give restrictions on him and the Dark Soul.
  • Just as he ascended, majority of the deities immediately separated him from his transformed self since he got out of control. To Gael’s credit though, his herald, the Painter asked for the Dark Soul, which she will use for her painting. He doesn’t mind though, as he is able to wander around the Pantheons without harm. He also says the Pantheon is a much better place than the world he has gone through.
  • Has a habit of wondering around the House of Craft, possibly looking for a young, long-haired woman. He was dissappointed upon hearing that she was nowhere to be found, though he remarks that some deities are able to make worlds via painting them.
    • Thankfully, he met the Plain Doll, who he finds kinship in since she is as nice as the Painter, though she understands his guilt. The Doll knows that the reason why the Painter asked for the Dark Soul was to make a home for him, which she does not want to tell, due to being worried that she may grieve him after hearing the truth.
  • Upon his ascension, the SCP Foundation immediately set their eyes on Gael, seeing that he became a catalyst to the Dark Soul. Worried that he may be a massive threat, the O-5 Council placed him as one of the very few non SCP deities to prioritize on, especially on two things: preventing him from consuming the Dark Soul, and making sure he never encounters Manus.
    • The House of Light & Darkness has also made sure not to let him even one step of the house due to his potential, as they know darkness was the source of his corruption. The Light based ones are willing to help combat his situation should he ever get out of hand.
  • He sees alot with Ludwig, Artorias and Guts, seeing them as massive swordsmen who have gone through their harsh upbringings and eventual corruptions. Artorias however stays away from him, due to fear of the Abyss that corrupted him for a long time.
  • He is also glad upon hearing that the Ashen One has ascended, since he helped him clear Sister Friede from the clutches of the Painted World of Ariandel, something he has problems doing by himself. Unfortunately, upon hearing that even she ascended alongside, he is willing to fight her again to make sure she stays dead, even if it means dying a hundred times over.
    • Who would knew that the Chosen Undead and Bearer of the Curse would be similar with him in more ways than one. Undeads who would mean nothing due to being weak and fragile, only to rise up and be the source of the fate of the world they all live in.
  • Sora pities him to a good extent. He has seen so many corrupted Heartless, but nothing can compare than to a person who got corrupted willingly to what is essentially Humanity’s missing aspect, all while having a good purpose in his ultimatum goals. He sees a good heart in him, since he is willing to sacrifice alot for the Painter, but is worried by the fact that he become corrupted by eating the Dark Soul.
    • On the other hand, Master Xehanort is willing to use him to extract the Dark Soul for his intentions, since he can use said soul to create a new batch of Heartless. He has avoided him to make sure this never happens.
  • As a slave, he enjoys the company of the Vortiguants, seeing them as former slaves who gained independence, just like him. The Vortiguants also see uniqueness in him, especially for a human.
  • Out of all the deities who are interested in him, the Ancestor is the most notable. He sees Gael as a proof that humans are not different from abominations as a whole. On the other hand, he knows the Ancestor’s cruel intentions, which is why he avoids him (emphasis on try).
    The Ancestor: And here I show you all, that we are all one in the same. The undeniable truth of "humanity", at our fingertips.
    Gael: I know your kind, and I’ve seen enough of your kind. Now leave me be.
    The Ancestor: You cannot escape madness! I have seen countless people try, and you won’t be exempted from it.
    • Noob Saibot also sees interest in him, seeing to himself that he can be a much worthy wielder of the Dark Soul, which however means killing the old man. He will not allow that to happen anytime soon.
  • Gwyn went on a rampage hearing that another Dark Soul incarnate has ascended. He attempted to kill him in the first few days of his ascension, but the conflict has lessened. Still, Gwyn’s fury is high enough to send more guards to dispose of him. The Slave Knight has nothing but utter loss for the Lord of Cinder, hearing that had Gwyn not removed Humanity’s original Dark Soul using the Darksign, the entire world would have not engulfed itself into a massive cycle between Flame and Dark.
  • The Human Child is someone Gael is rather envious about, seeing that his Determination helped alot with his friends, as well as being an actual power in of itself. He wishes that such a power would exist in his world, then maybe the fates of most humans wouldn’t so bad overall.
    • On his first day of his ascension, Finn the Human immediately wanted to slay him, seeing him as a dangerous person for possessing the Dark Soul. However, upon realizing his ultimate goal, and his real attitude, he grew to pity him, seeing that even an old, decreipt man has a heart at the worst times. He is even willing to help him gain what the Painter needs even though Gael mentions that he must do it himself. Even moreso with the Dark Soul, which he has dedicated himself to be the sacrificial host for it so that the essence can be used for the Painting. While sad hearing that he cannot help him in anyway, he has made an oath with the hero of Ooo: should he go corrupted once more, he and the Ashen One shall slay him and deliver the Dark Soul to his herald, to which he accepted.
    Finn: Look, I know your goals but I know there has to be another way.
    Gael: I know, but it has to be this way.
    Finn: No, but there is always another way, a third option right?
    Gael: There is none. You cannot grasp it fully with just your bare hands. A sacrifice must be needed, for the Dark Soul has to be delivered.
    Finn: Then fine! I will find a way, not everyone has to go through such suffering.
  • What? Still here, hand it over, that thing, your Dark Soul. For my Lady’s Painting.

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