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Nightmare Fuel / Vampiru

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  • Dani's... "cycle" starts and the smell of blood sets off David's hunger. Think about that.
  • Celeste and Moon being kidnapped. Just because they're werewolves.
  • Edward is working for Terror. That's scary enough. And he willingly sells his own sister out to her.
  • Nightmare killed a werewolf. note  Sébastien doesn't approve, but only because she made a mess of the floor. And then Nightmare wonders why he was so upset. While licking the werewolf's blood off her hands.
  • The werewolf. Enough said.
    • And, for that matter, the whole time Dani spends wandering around in a Hungarian forest, well and truly lost.
  • Nightmare and her army.

10:30, The Day Before Yesterday:

  • The body in the crypt. How nightmarish is it? Someone ate part of it...


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