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Nightmare Fuel / The Darkest Minds

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From the first page to the last, The Darkest Minds series is a brutal exploration of an America ravaged by civil war, economic collapse, and tragedy.

  • The very first chapter has Ruby collapsing to the ground and bleeding from her ears thanks to the “Calm Control” and her reaction indicates just how common an instance it’s use is.
  • The “rehabilitation” camps as a whole.
  • Zu accidentally shorting out the car while her parents were driving down the highway is scary enough, but their decision send her to the camps out of fear just adds to it. It’s somewhat justifiable when considering that nobody knew how bad they were, but it’s revealed in The Darkest Legacy that they don’t want her back until it would be beneficial to their political platform.
  • Rob trying to bring Ruby back to Thurmond includes some of the most horrifying writing in the entire series, and that’s saying something.
    • Her concussed train of thought is disorientating, and makes her pure panic at seeing Rob much worse.
    • The muzzle. Just... the muzzle.
    • Ruby using her powers to make him crash.

The Darkest Legacy

  • After Gray is overthrown, children are returned to their families if their parents want them, and they have no ability to protest if the family they’re being returned to is abusive.
  • Anybody being able to capture Ruby.