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Nightmare Fuel / The Chronicle of Duke Erik

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  • A Nasty Party is always a scary thing but in most cases the victims are at least killed quickly. Well, not at the banquet of Nyköping. According to tradition Birger Magnusson imprisoned Duke Valdemar and Duke Erik (his own brothers) in the dungeon and then left them to starve and rot to death. Imagine one second sitting down, drinking and eating under much joy and mirth and the next finding out that you've essentially been buried alive.
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  • When the Russians besiege Landskrona, the Swedes are hit so hard by scurvy and starvation that some of them have their teeth falling out when they attempt to eat. It's suggested that they send a message to Torgils Knutsson in Sweden, asking for help, but it's shot down since, "we should not sour the heart of the Lord High Constable with our own worries." That's dedication.

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