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Nightmare Fuel / Redacted

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  • The fact that Farah is 15...a child.
  • Flake and Rush, complete sociopaths, are allowed access to weapons in order to terrorise innocent civilians and sexually harass and assault a child, because they think it's 'fun'.
    • Hell, the real life soldier that Flake is based on, Steven Dale Green, is quoted in saying he 'did not believe Iraqis were human'.
    • The film doesn't fully flesh out the creepy incidents leading up to the attack, understandably so due to their gross nature. The real 'Farah', Abeer Qasim Hamza Al-Janabi, was only 14, and was previously sexually harassed far more than the film depicts. Her younger brothers, who were at school at the time, recounted after the attack an incident where Green, who was 'searching' the Al-Janabi home at the time, reportedly 'ran his index finger down her cheek, an action that 'terrified' her'. In addition, neighbours noted that the same soldiers watched Abeer tend to her chores in the front garden, and would say things such as 'very good' to her mother, who proposed that she sleep at her uncle's house on the night of the attack, but did not do so in the end. Abeer's death itself is far worse than anything the film portrays anyway.
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  • Salazar's decapitated head and body laying on the ground.

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