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Nightmare Fuel / Deadly Creatures

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  • From the point of view from the animals, the Humans are really strangely presented, with foreboding giant footsteps, and points of view from safe hiding spots.
  • Mainly for arachnophobes, and other people uncomfortable with insects and smaller animals.
  • One of the first things that happens is the Scorpion plodding along, then suddenly the Tarantula jumps out of nowhere.
  • The first major encounter has two beetles fighting each other, when all of a sudden one of them launches the other into a cactus spike, instantly killing it by impaling it through the abdomen.
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  • A common sight when progressing through a spider's nest is to see insects and other prey cocooned in webbing and hanging from the ceiling. This in itself is horribly creepy, but it's upped tenfold when some of those cocoons start wiggling around at random intervals, indicating that a lot of the prey encased inside are still alive.
  • The game uses abandoned human artifacts encountered from a bug's-eye view to great effect. Standouts include exploring a dollhouse full of black widow spiders, an abandoned cellphone bathing a spot of desert in an eerie artificial blue, and encountering a severed doll's head that is bigger than the character you're playing as.

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