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Asylum is the 13th studio album from the American hard rock band KISS, released in 1985. It is the album that introduced Bruce Kulick as the official lead guitarist for the band, a role that he would remain in until 1997 when the original band members reunite.


Side One
  1. "King Of The Mountain"
  2. "Any Way You Slice It"
  3. "Who Wants To Be Lonely"
  4. "Trial By Fire"
  5. "I'm Alive"

Side Two

  1. "Love's A Deadly Weapon"
  2. "Tears Are Falling"
  3. "Secretly Cruel"
  4. "Radar For Love"
  5. "Uh! All Night"


Principal Members

  • Paul Stanley - rhythm guitar, vocals, bass guitar on "Tears Are Falling"
  • Gene Simmons - bass guitar, vocals
  • Eric Carr - drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Bruce Kulick - lead guitar, backing vocals

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