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Literature / Celia and the Fairies

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A juvenile fiction novel by Karen McQuestion.

When 10 year old Celia Lovejoy finds out that her grandmother is coming to live with her, she is thrilled—no more having to go to her bossy neighbor Paul's house after school. Celia's grandmother tells her stories about fairies living nearby—which her parents dismiss as just stories, telling Celia that she is too old to believe in fairies. Celia then receives a visit from a fairy—who fears that the Lovejoy house and the adjoining woods will be demolished to make a new highway, all courtesy of a childhood rival of Mr. Lovejoy carrying a grudge. Now Celia begins a quest that takes her to the woods at night...



  • The Fair Folk: Play a major role in this story, whether they are real or the product of someone's imagination.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Both Paul, who goes from being bossy to helping Celia in her mission, and Vicky, thanks to Celia's wish.
  • Meaningful Name: The heroine's family name is Lovejoy. The main villainess is named Vicky McClutchy. Another villain is named Chase Downe.
  • Mind Screw: It is hard to determine whether Celia is actually interacting with fairies while she is awake, whether the fairies are speaking to Celia in her dreams, or whether Celia's dreams about fairies are simply products of her imagination and tales her grandmother told her.


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