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Paragraphs that are WAY too long to read with ease.

You see, there is usually a link back to the unabridged version at the end of the Laconic pages. We're not sure why, since it's kind of redundant to the "back" button in your web browser and "main" tab up top. It's just a TV Tropes tradition. It's ingrained in the culture of our site. In fact, if, for some reason there is no link back to the main page, many tropers will waste no time in putting it in there. Oh well, that's tradition for you. Of course, the syntax is a bit inconsistent, sometimes it's "Visit unabridged version HERE", sometimes it's "Visit the unabridged version HERE", and people just can't make up their minds over whether or not there should be a period at the end of the sentence, either. Grammar Nazi tropers are, naturally, driven nuts by this, and will edit it right away. And, often, it's often altered to fit the style of the trope, like this one here, and occasionally tropers will edit the link to be self demonstrating. By the way, are you even reading this? You're not, are you? I bet I could say anything I wanted to here. No, you're definitely not reading this. Here goes: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus nec luctus purus. Nam suscipit eros et turpis molestie dapibus. Proin aliquet, nibh ac rhoncus tincidunt, elit velit hendrerit urna, nec rhoncus risus elit viverra tortor. Etiam viverra vulputate sem, sit amet vulputate diam scelerisque sit amet. Ut fringilla nibh vitae urna congue feugiat. Sed gravida consequat hendrerit. Duis eget commodo turpis. Fusce convallis varius lacus sed congue. Curabitur consectetur laoreet quam eget fringilla. Aliquam porta lacus nec felis congue sollicitudin tincidunt nisi fermentum. Sed cursus dui quis ligula laoreet laoreet. Curabitur at quam sem, id viverra nunc. In interdum neque a velit facilisis nec faucibus elit sodales. Duis mollis volutpat pellentesque. Donec rhoncus condimentum blandit. Curabitur imperdiet augue sed enim condimentum a vestibulum risus tincidunt. Fusce elementum ante id orci pretium in consequat sapien vestibulum. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Curabitur non velit ac elit consequat gravida. Pellentesque ante felis, dictum nec fringilla at, aliquet in justo. Aenean commodo justo vitae augue gravida lacinia. Curabitur imperdiet tempus elit, eget faucibus ipsum ultricies in. Suspendisse potenti. Donec a diam ante. Vestibulum porta, nibh vehicula gravida consequat, velit massa ornare lacus, vitae imperdiet neque felis et est. Maecenas sit amet tincidunt odio. Nullam sodales nulla at tortor fringilla a porta erat porta. In dolor neque, adipiscing id varius nec, adipiscing nec risus. Nam elit quam, convallis sed faucibus sodales, consequat sed purus. Integer vel bibendum leo. Sed quis aliquam neque. Sed tincidunt vestibulum nulla in mollis. Suspendisse nisi tortor, pellentesque at lobortis sed, sollicitudin a lacus. Duis eros quam, venenatis nec scelerisque sit amet, commodo consequat dolor. Did you actually read the placeholder text, because that is just patently absurd. Pellentesque sodales velit quis purus venenatis eu dignissim nulla semper. Morbi mollis dui vel risus scelerisque viverra. Vivamus porta, ligula facilisis sagittis viverra, metus urna hendrerit justo, non aliquam ligula lacus at quam. Fusce varius nulla quis odio congue lacinia. Phasellus et nibh eget lacus imperdiet commodo vel in ante. Nunc sodales fermentum lobortis. Nunc metus dolor, tristique nec interdum non, viverra sodales risus. Nulla viverra bibendum ante sed fringilla. Sed accumsan augue eget neque tempor iaculis. Integer tortor erat, venenatis id adipiscing sed, lobortis at turpis. Sed mattis, lectus eu eleifend tempus, turpis nisi euismod purus, congue venenatis erat nulla luctus velit. Donec nec nibh ut ante tincidunt facilisis ut bibendum nulla. Donec aliquet lacinia turpis ac dapibus. In pretium quam viverra felis ultrices volutpat. Donec sed orci nisl, sed molestie lectus. Integer commodo aliquam tincidunt. In non urna sit amet magna aliquet rhoncus sagittis sit amet tellus. Fusce vel est enim, et interdum augue. Donec mattis urna velit, sit amet accumsan leo. Donec ac orci hendrerit mauris malesuada dictum porta vitae mauris. Sed consectetur pulvinar ante non placerat. Sed bibendum lacinia posuere. Curabitur blandit venenatis urna vel aliquam. Vivamus ac porta magna. Nunc adipiscing molestie metus, ac lacinia eros ornare non. Curabitur ultrices mattis dolor in sagittis. Pellentesque vitae interdum purus. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Aliquam nec quam nisi, quis suscipit purus. Curabitur quis tortor justo. Sed vitae commodo ligula. If you're not reading this, you can just go ahead and visit the unabridged version HERE.