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101z, VV31c0m3 t0 T33V3 tr0p3Z0rz!!!11

'\/\/t 1s d15 ab0ut?'' Thl5 1z TvTr0p3sz, n00b! we has t3h ub3rn3$5 h3r=|, r0flm40! :DDD

Tropes is ev3rywere. And t3h tr0pes R ub3r ub3r 1337!!1! :D. But U has 2 make t3h R0X0RZ B0X3RZ tr0pes, |\|00b. Noth3ng b0r1ng, kk? :(

L0L, we iz c4lled "TV Tr0pez" becuz that is w3 st4rt3d w1th, n00b. But we haz m0re p4ges than that, L0L! Sum 3ven h4ppen IRL!. (L33t, h4x, pwnt!)


W3 R l33ter th3n W3k3p3d1a. Y0u can mak an3 Tr0pe U want 2! But 1f teh tr0pe sux0rz, it dies, FTL. M0st Tr0pes can b3 found th3r3, pwnt!. 3nd U can talk Ub3r Ub3r l33t on ane page, 2!

T3h Forums R up there, n00b. Und3r "Tr0perv311e"

L0l, hax, kzzt, pwnt, r0flma0, FTW!


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