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Ho Yay / Jersey Shore

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  • In season 1, Pauly D jokes with a jilted Snooki that the unreliability of men is why he dates women.
  • Pauly D and Vinny. A whole section of the Season 2 Reunion was devoted to their bromance.
    • In season 4 they take it Up to Eleven (calling each other affectionate names, acting like a married couple, pretending to have sex...), but don't take it seriously.
  • Snooki really loves JWoww's boobs. After seeing the girl naked, Snooki said if she were a guy she would have a boner.
  • Snooki and Deena make out and then some after reaching a record level of drunkenness on the show.
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  • Jenni was seriously wondering if "The Situation" was gay after he was spending an awful lot of time and attention on one of his male friends.

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