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Heartwarming / Worm: More Than Meets the Eye

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  • Armsmaster's response to Saint revealing the truth about Dragon.
    “Shut up, Saint. It doesn't matter what you think. To me, she was my friend. That man called himself the world's greatest Tinker? I can think of plenty of Tinkers better than him. Hell, Dragon was twice the Tinker he ever was! She did the work of a dozen regular Tinkers, she fought the Endbringers without hesitation. She was a hero. And this wasn’t about some threat, you did this for your own self-satisfaction! You're just another killer and I will put you down!”
    • Later on in 8.6 we get this exchange.
    “I want you to know that if I’d known what was happening, if you had ever told me, I would have tried to help you in any way I could.”
    “Colin, you came for me. That's all that matters.”
  • Taylor arguing that they shouldn't Mercy Kill Wyvern.
  • Legend's interlude in 10d, showing him basically No Selling the Red Voice manipulating pretty much every other hero through sheer good-heartedness and love for his family.
    Maybe it made him naive, but he was going to save the world his way. Compassion and faith were not weakness.
  • In Interlude 12-4, in an attempt to rebuild their relationship, Dragon brings Wyvern to the ruins of Newfoundland and talks to her about Andrew Richter. It works.
    • And afterward, Wyvern renames herself Nautica.
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  • Taylor and Victoria visiting Amy in the hospital in Interlude 12-5.
  • Taylor grabbing her damaged Autobots and using her powers to keep them alive, even when in a coma.
  • Rune revealing her real name to Kid Win, who had already guessed it but kept it secret, and kissing him.
  • Solus Prime talking to Amy in a dream and giving her a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech, giving her a shield as it ends.
  • Taylor and Amy have their First Kiss in 15-2.
  • Predaqueen managing to transform for the first time. Why? So she can give Vista a hug.


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