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Heartwarming / What's Your Number?

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  • Ally waking up in bed with Colin, after a night of not having sex, and before she gets up to make herself look pretty, Colin wakes up, looks at her, and says she looks beautiful. Presumably, that's never happened to her before.
  • Colin singing Three Times A Lady for Ally, after one of her exes turns out to be gay.
    Ally: "You need to actually be a lady in order to be the First Lady. And I ain't no lady."
    Colin: "Of course, you're a lady. You're once, twice...twenty times a lady."
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  • Ally's relationship with her father, and the talk they have at Daisy's wedding, wherein Mr Darling comforts his daughter about her strained relationship with her mother.
    Mr Darling:"You may have her looks, but you've got my rhythm, kid. And I'm afraid it's a little off-beat!"''
    Ally laughs at this.

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