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Heartwarming / What We Do in the Shadows

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  • It's a slight Offscreen Moment of Awesome, but Nick asks the other vampires not to feed on Stu or turn him into a vampire...and they all promise not to! Even Petyr, who doesn't have any spoken dialogue, gives a very understanding nod when Nick explains that Stu is a vegetarian and would never want to hurt someone else just so he could eat.
  • The montage of Nick and the vampires getting to know each other is very nice; they do their best to help him adjust to being a vampire and teach about his new situation while trying to make him feel welcome, while he tries to help them adapt to the modern world a little better as thanks.
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  • Stu teaching the vamps how to use the internet, which enriches their lives immeasurably, such as watching a sunrise for the first time in centuries.
  • Viago vampirizing the love of his life — it's extra heartwarming because he still resembles a 30-something while she will remain 96 forever, and he doesn't care about her looks at all. (In fact, he brags he's dating a much younger woman, since he's around 400 years old.)
    • The way the scene plays out, you'd expect it to end with a moment of doubt akin to The Graduate. It doesn't. There's no jokes to be made here. It's just a happy ending.
    • The shot of Viago finally approaching her has him raising his hands and floating towards her, and he's obscured from view by part of the building...only to emerge into view again holding a bouquet of flowers for her. She then starts talking about how much fun she's having as a vampire. Considering she was a 96 year old widow in a nursing/retirement home, it's so sweet to see that she was properly romanced and that she's having a great time of things.
  • Depressed over Stu's apparent death, Deacon falls asleep in a room with the curtains open near sunrise. Viago wakes him up and puts him to bed, all while fussing over him and gently scolding him like a mother hen.
  • Deacon has a surprising number of heartwarming moments:
    • Deacon knitting a scarf for Stu, despite admitting he wanted to eat him at first.
    • When it seems like Stu might have been killed, Deacon consoles Nick. His tact was pretty weak, but it's the thought that counts. And earlier, Deacon saves Nick from several werewolves and warns him not to look at the blood.
    • When Peytr is set on fire, Deacon is fully prepared to risk sunlight exposure to save his oldest friend.
  • After turning Nick into a vampire and keeping him in his basement, what's the first thing Petyr does when Nick wakes up? Feed him blood.
  • After Stu is turned into a werewolf, the pack immediately takes him in no questions asked, possibly out of guilt for turning him. Offering Stu a pair of pants when a few of them were naked was also a nice gesture.
  • The fact that their shared love for Stu is the reason the vampires and werewolves get along.
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  • Viago is much like a younger relative doting on an elderly one to Peytr. Bringing him food, he makes it clear Peytr's welcome to join the flatmate meeting but doesn't force it when Peytr would rather just get back to his nap. Adding to this, there's an adorable scene of him brushing Peytr's fangs!