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The Film

     The Film 
  • It's a slight Offscreen Moment of Awesome, but Nick asks the other vampires not to feed on Stu or turn him into a vampire... And they all promise not to! Even Petyr, who doesn't have any spoken dialogue, gives a very understanding nod when Nick explains that Stu is a vegetarian and would never want to hurt someone else just so he could eat.
  • Stu teaching the vamps how to use the internet, which enriches their lives immeasurably, such as watching a sunrise for the first time in centuries.
  • Viago vampirizing the love of his life — it's extra heartwarming because he still resembles a 30-something while she will remain 96 forever, and he doesn't care about her looks at all. (In fact, he brags he's dating a much younger woman, since he's around 400 years old.)
    • The way the scene plays out, you'd expect it to end with a moment of doubt akin to The Graduate. It doesn't. There's no jokes to be made here. It's just a happy ending.
  • Depressed over Stu's apparent death, Deacon falls asleep in a room with the curtains open near sunrise. Viago wakes him up and puts him to bed, all while fussing over him and gently scolding him like a mother hen.
  • Deacon has a surprising number of heartwarming moments:
    • Deacon knitting a scarf for Stu, despite admitting he wanted to eat him at first.
    • When it seems like Stu might have been killed, Deacon consoles Nick. His tact was pretty weak, but it's the thought that counts.
    • When Peytr is set on fire, Deacon is fully prepared to risk sunlight exposure to save his oldest friend.
  • After turning Nick into a vampire and keeping him in his basement, what's the first thing Petyr does when Nick wakes up? Feed him blood.
  • After Stu is turned into a werewolf, the pack immediately takes him in no questions asked, possibly out of guilt for turning him. Offering Stu a pair of pants when a few of them were naked was also a nice gesture.
  • The face that their shared love for Stu is the reason the vampires and werewolves get along.

The Series

     Season One 
  • Nadja turning Jenna and her motivation for it: she doesn't want Jenna to suffer like she did.
    • She then goes on to take full responsibility for teaching Jenna about vampiric life, knowing what it’s like to have no one to turn to during such a turbulent time. She acts as a doting (if somewhat patronising) mother and Laszlo, upon seeing his wife’s affection for the child, is quickly convinced to help.
  • Guillermo's What the Hell, Hero? moment in Episode 4 — and (almost) everything that follows.
    • It's minor, but when Simon takes Laszlo's hat, Nadja comforts Laszlo, in spite of her spending a good part of the episode telling him to get rid of it.
  • Nadja forsaking passionate sex with Gregor in order to rescue Laszlo in Episode 5.
    • Nandor turning himself into a dog to rescue Laszlo.
    • Nadja calling Guillermo by name—and having respectful, human conversations with him.
  • The vampires' reaction to seeing Colin upon returning from their night out.
    Nadja: Colin Robinson, we missed you!
  • Colin's True Companions moment in Episode 7.
  • Nadja and Laszlo both try and help Jenna figure out what her vampire talent is.
  • Any time Laszlo refers to Nadja as his "dear lady wife" or "sweet baby".
  • Colin and Nandor hugging it out in Episode 12.
  • Guillermo referring to Jenna as his "friend" in a confessional segment. To an extent, the subsequent guilt he feels for inadvertently causing Jenna's roommate so much pain is also this.
  • In the first episode, Guillermo initially assumes he's going to be turned into a vampire for his familiar anniversary, but instead receives a handmade picture from Nandor. Even though he's disappointed, it's still sweet that Nandor at least went out of his way to make his familiar something to celebrate him.

     Season Two 
  • Near the end of "Ghosts," Nandor finally finds out the Unfinished Business that is keeping his ghost from ascending to the afterlife: being reunited with the spirit of Jahan, his beloved horse.
  • Laszlo's reasoning for not killing Sean, despite it being the protocol for somebody with brain scrambliesLaszlo considers Sean his best friend.
    • Having it turn out Nadja and Sean's mother-in-law played together when the latter was a child.
  • Sean falls in love with his wife all over again, pledging to spend the rest of his life making her happy. And all it took was getting his brain fried..
  • In "The Curse", the Mosquito Club manages to blunder into an actual vampire nest and discovers that their enthusiasm is not an adequate substitute for experience. Even though it would make his life much easier if they all died, Guillermo goes back for them and manages to rescue everyone except Derek. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • In "Colin's Promotion", Nandor and Nadja have a falling-out over an unearthed painting that reveals he burnt down her village (albeit two hundred years before she was born). To make Nadja feel better, Laszlo paints over the painting, turning it into an erotic portrait of the two of them, complete with himself on a white horse and Nadja on a hay bale with her breasts out. Turns into a funny moment when it's revealed that he painted Nandor inside a burning house.
    • Across both seasons, Lazlo eagerly uses every available opportunity to extol his wife’s virtues with great sincerity.
    • Nandor might have previously attempted to convince Guillermo to let himself get eaten by him because he was too weak to hunt, but when he realizes the full threat the superpowered Colin Robinson actually poses, he begs Guillermo to just leave him behind and run away and save himself.
  • In "On the Run", after Laszlo outs himself as a vampire and has to abandon his "Jackie Daytona" persona, he takes a moment to wake up his unconscious friend Lucy (who had apparently developed a crush on him), and to tell her that, while he thought she was a very sweet person, a relationship could never have worked out between them, due to him being both married and a vampire. She faints again right after, but it's still quite sweet.
  • Both Laszlo and Jim the Vampire form an affection for the local underdog volleyball team that's genuine enough for them to put their feud aside. Jim even takes over coaching the team when Laszlo returns to New York.
  • When Guillermo kills Carol, a monstrous member of Simon's vampire crew, Nandor happens on the scene a moment later. He quickly pieces together what happened, and is shocked; however, his only concern is helping Guillermo cover it up to protect him.
  • Nandor is tremendously annoyed by Benji's decrepitude and old man habits like trying to show him pictures of his grandkids, yet never once is it suggested that he's tempted to kill him. Nandor really does care for his old familiar, even if he no longer wants him around, in the end he even keeps his promise and turns him into a vampire before ditching him a gas station.
  • When Guillermo finally has enough with Nandor and leaves him for Celeste, a familiar seemingly turned by her master, Nandor has a moment where he whispers for Celeste to be kind to Guillermo. And later, Nandor finds Guillermo to ask him to come home, admitting Guillermo is a great familiar. When Guillermo finally points out Nandor's poor treatment of him, Nandor promises to give him more respect, a day off and better snacks. As well as gives his absolute word to one day make Guillermo a vampire before flying them back home.
  • As if it wasn't clear enough, the season 2 finale writes it in stone: facing certain death from Vladislav the Poker, the housemates (including Colin Robinson) still refuse to give up Guillermo to the Vampiric Council, with Nandor claiming to have killed him himself and no one telling otherwise. In return, even though the housemates still don't know his full name, Guillermo swings down and massacres dozens of vampires to save his friends. Before, it seemed like Guillermo's vampire hunting skills would doom the Staten Island vampires; now it seems far more likely he'll join them to defeat the Council.


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