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Heartwarming / Transformers: Prime The Game

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  • While it was ill-advised, Jack rushing to Arcee's side while she was fighting with Airachnid. He was concerned for her safety.
  • Though it inevitably does no good. Optimus attempting to reason with Thunderwing and turn him away from Unicron.
  • Ratchet only backing down from Megatron, when the Decepticon leader threatens the captured Raf and Miko.
  • Optimus proclaiming that the Earth is the Autobots' home, and they will defend it and humanity against any Decepticon threat counts.
    Optimus: The Autobots are privileged to have allies such as these. Raf, Miko and Jack. Three valiant young humans, without whom this day would have been lost. They are the bravest of us all. I am Optimus Prime and I send this message to every Decepticon who would bring war and tyranny to earth. Whatever scheme you attempt, or threat you might offer. Know that it will be in vain. This planet is now our home. And as long as we Autobots stand united, we will protect the earth.