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Heartwarming / The Unofficial MK Vs SF Saga

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  • Chapter 14: Chun Li finds Dan suffering a Heroic BSoD after having lost his match to Cyrax, as he feels he's let down his late father's memory. She proceeds to inform him that they both have something in common, and offers to give him assistance to get through his trial.
    Dan: Why are you doing this?
    Chun Li: No one should EVER be truly alone, especially with something as hard as this.
  • Chapter 21: The Alpha-Omega allows Ken and Guile an opportunity to speak to and reassure their respective families that they are all right and will return home soon. Guile's reunion with Jane and Amy, his wife and daughter, is especially poignant.
    Jane: (to Guile) First, I want you to know that even though you had left us, you've done so much for me, and Amy. Hold it, let me finish! While you may not have been here for a time when our baby needed you, there is still a lot of time, and you know it. I'm mad that you didn't even try to call us, but from what this Alpha-Omega has told me, I'm glad to see that we were never far from your thoughts. Don't be so surprised. Considering that he brought you here from that void, telepathy shouldn't surprise you.
    Guile: (grumbling) I bet he's never heard of privacy.
    Jane: What? Would you keep that secret from me? No, I know you wouldn't. This is strange for all of us. I wish he, or she, or, oh forget who it is...would allow you to stay with us. I know, about as much, or as little, as you do. You get back there and keep our world safe from those tyrants. Remember that we'll be pulling for you. Once you get back there, KICK ASS!
    Amy: Ah, ah! Mommy said a bad word! Mommy, mommy!
    Guile: (smiling) Yes, Amy, you are right. What shall we do? Should we punish her? (proceeds to tickle Jane)
  • Chapter 24: Sindel, having recovered from Laser-Guided Amnesia, gives her approval of Kitana's relationship with Liu Kang.
    • From the same chapter: The revelation of Scorpion's familial relation to Smoke, as discussed by the two Sub-Zeros.
  • Chapter 30: The father-son talk between Scorpion and Smoke.

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