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Awesome / The Unofficial MK Vs SF Saga

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  • Chapter 14: Dan is despairing at the fact that he has to fight Cyrax, a metallic cyborg. Then he thinks back on his father's last moments, from which he gets new resolve to get up and pummel Cyrax. He loses anyway, but still.
    Dan: NO MORE! I will not lay here for you to defeat me, machine, man, or otherwise. My father taught me better! I will not give up, but will continue to fight! There's no surrendering, no retreating! I will only go forward, and I will win! Come on, you bucket of bolts!
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  • Chapter 17: Dee Jay's pre-fight argument with Kintaro, including a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment.
    Dee Jay: Ah man! Now this is bullshit! How in the world am I suppose to fight a guy the size of this, with four arms! This is sheer madness! Of all the bloody people to fight, why'd I get Kintaro?
    Alpha-Omega: (masquerading as a friend of Dee Jay's) Shit happens, mon! You should know that. Look at it this way, you at least have the home turf advantage.
    Dee Jay: Dommy? Nope! Thanks for the pep, A-O! But that's easy for you to say; you aren't fighting Kintaro. Even if you were, you are a god!
    Kintaro: Pitiful human. Always looking for a way out!
    Dee Jay: You, shut-up! I'm sick and tired of hearing about all of you other worlders bashing us 'pitiful humans.' I'd bet the bank that your own world has it's own crap, mon. We have ours, but don't go ripping us until you have seen your own. We all may be willing to tear open each other for a quick profit, but just as many are willing to help in a time of desperate need. We all do our best to do our part, whether it be to help the hungry, or our planet itself.
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  • Chapter 24: Raiden electrifies himself out of a Raging Demon to win his match. Observe: he has already been caught in the first part of the technique, which, once you're grabbed, you can't escape from. Raiden escaped from it.
  • Chapter 31: Goro defeats Akuma in combat...then gets ganged up on immediately after by Bison, Sagat and Vega. They think their numbers will give them an advantage over him. He proves them wrong.
    • Then Akuma gets back up, starts to fight Goro again—and then he and the three Shadowloo members get zapped into submission by Raiden, who then convinces all five of the futility of continuing. And all of them take heed to his admonitions. Yes, even Akuma and Bison.
  • In one of the story's side-chapters, Eliza is in danger of Attempted Rape. Cue Big Damn Heroes moment by one very angry Ken, courtesy of the Alpha-Omega.


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