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Heartwarming / The Madness of King George

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  • A King's subjects cannot sit down in his presence without his approval; at the time, it simply wasn't given. However, once the King has left the room, you can do what you like. George shows his kinder side when he is informed that a heavily pregnant lady-in-waiting really needs to sit; he complains and moans about it, but he up and leaves the room in the middle of a performance he was engrossed in, both preserving royal dignity and letting the poor lady sit down. To consider how such a small thing could be such a big deal... Can you imagine the future Prince-Regent doing that?
  • The genuine relationship between King George and his Queen Charlotte. Truth in Television, as they were pretty much one of the few Happily Married royals in British history.
    George (fondly): Mrs. King
    Charlotte (warmly): Mr. King
    • Better demonstrated in the garden when George recovers and goes to gather his queen for the trip to Parliament to stave off the Regency bill. All other times, Charlotte bowed and kissed his hand formally as he was more king than husband. This time, when she tries to kneel and kiss his hand he stops her, begs her to stand, and hugs her the way a husband should hug his wife.
  • In an odd way, George's reaction to the failed assassination attempt by a madwoman. He merely chides the woman, quite gently, that a fruit knife is a poor weapon.


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