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Heartwarming / The Last Starfighter

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  • As Alex and Grig prepare for their charge, he thinks of Maggie and on Earth Maggie looks to the stars and says "I love you Alex Rogan." Not even the void of space can keep them apart. Alex fights for Maggie.
  • At the very ending where Maggie is invited by Alex to join him on the planet Rylos, but she is reluctant to leave her granny. At the moment Alex returns to his ship to leave, Granny gives her blessing for her granddaughter to leave with one request, "Be sure and write, or whatever it is they do up there."
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  • Seeing Centauri alive and well after Alex and Grig return to Rylos.
    Alex: (happy but confused) I thought you were dead!
    Centauri: Me, die? And miss all the excitement?
  • Loved it when, just as Alex and Maggie are taking off in his Gunstar. Louis is already getting ready to play the Starfighter game and join his brother as a Starfighter himself someday.
    Louis: (as he watches the Starfighter intro he looks up to catch his last glimpse of Alex's Gunstar) WOWWW!
  • Just before the final battle starts.
    Alex: Grig? Maybe there is a Starfighter left.

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