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Awesome / The Last Starfighter

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  • When Beta steals Jack Blake's truck and blows it up in order to prevent the Xandoxan from warning Xur about Alex.
    Beta: You owe me one Alex.
    • Also a bit of a tearjerker, because #1) He dies and #2) when Alex shows up again later, he only mentions Beta briefly as an afterthought due to not knowing of its Heroic Sacrifice.
  • "Death Blossom", weapon of last resort.
  • Watching the Ko-Dan warship crash into the green moon of Galan and explode, awesome!
    Kodan Officer: We're locked into the moon's gravitational pull! What do we do?
    Commander Kril: We die.
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  • After Grig plots a course back to Earth to take Alex home, Alex stops him and tells him that there may be a Starfighter left after all.
  • There is also the GunStar's intial attack on the Command ship. With a quick pass, it destroys the ship's vital communications turret and disengages while launching a quad salvo of guided missiles that strike the ship with a perfectly tight box formation.
  • Grig's Big Damn Heroes moment, restoring power to the gun star at the last second before the Command Ship can ram it, not to mention his Pre Ass Kicking One Liner and all that follows.
    Grig: The pattern's on! We have them now! Fire!! FIRE!!!
  • While hilarious, this line is also pretty badass:
    Alex: (on taking on the armada alone) "It'll be a slaughter!"
    Grig: "That's the spirit!"

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