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Heartwarming / The Fifth Act

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  • Sephiroth's friendship with Genesis kept him from going insane.
  • How Zack and Kunsel get Cloud to open up.
  • Aeris getting a rare smile out of Cloud when he asks her to recreate the spring water.
  • When Cloud goes missing, and later captured by Hojo, all the prominent characters do their best to find him. Cloud starts off completely alone at the beginning and he manages to make close friends who care enough about him to risk Shinra's wrath. This despite Cloud trying his best to push everyone away and remain aloof.
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  • Genesis becoming a nicer person after getting a new lease on life and Cloud's refusal to hurt him because of that.
  • Kunsel finding the drive to become a First Class.
  • Vincent's attempted encouragement when he finally meets Sephiroth. Sure, it falls flat, but the thought counts.
  • In the end, it's Cloud's act of kindness in curing Genesis that ultimately results in preventing a whole lot of future misery, rather than bloody vengeance on a Sephiroth who hasn't become a bad guy yet. In a universe where there's a lot of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!, Not Quite the Right Thing and No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, it's nice to see simple acts of pure compassion be rewarded.
  • In one of the spin offs, Vincent takes Sephiroth to meet Lucretia.
    • From the same spin off, Cloud finally acknowledging Sephiroth as his friend.
  • When Cloud finally gives the dying Angeal the spring water.
    No, this is not how you die.

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