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Awesome / The Fifth Act

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  • Vincent spooking and killing Hojo.
    Vincent: For Lucretia.
  • Genesis's Big Damn Heroes moment and finishing off JENOVA. Cloud and Sephiroth tried to but due to their heavy experimentation and S-cells, Jenova successfully stops them and attempts to Mind Rape both of them into fighting each other. Genesis comes in, looking extremely angry at the whole turn of events and wondering what is going on, and casually fires off a few Firagas roasting JENOVA and ending the conflict.
    • Immediately afterwards, Genesis succeeds in finally non-lethally taking down Cloud. And then heal him and Sephiroth and keep them alive.
  • Cloud managing to convince Lord Kisuragi to cut his losses and surrender to maintain their independence and recover their resources. Significant in that Cloud isn't much of a diplomat and Godo had no plans to surrender.

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