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Heartwarming / The Critter Room

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When you're dealing with baby animals, there are bound to be moments that tug at your heartstrings. However, a few instances stand out above the rest.

  • On adoption day, FDJ runs an "adoption stream" listing​ the names of the cats; as each cat is adopted, a green check appeared next to its name. This has led to many happy moments, as viewers are reassured that their "favorites" are safe in their forever homes.
    • The Ghostbusters Fosters adoption day stands above the rest. Janine was very protective of her kittens due to the hardships they'd faced (including the loss of Baby Peter), and the viewers feared for their impending separation. When adoption day rolled around, however, all fears were put to rest when, for the first (and only) time in Critter Room history, green checks appeared simultaneously next to all three names: the cats were all adopted into the same forever home.
      • And then a fourth name appeared: Peter. A kind soul purchased his tags anonymously, requesting that the money be donated to Purrfect Pals. There wasn't a dry eye in the chat.


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