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  • The Cosmonaut Fosters getting "spooked" (a.k.a. the "kitten explosion") is a fan favorite.
    • Mama Laika preferred the litter in the box outside the cage to what she was provided. This led to numerous escape attempts.
    • And she succeeded! The funniest part was that Foster Dad John couldn't figure out how she was doing it — or find a way to keep her contained.
      • It gets better. After the kittens were released into the room, she taught them how to escape by jumping over the fence. Fans started to joke that the family should have been named after escape artists.
      FDJ: (Aside Glance) If this is a sign of things to come, I'm in big trouble.
      • Boy, was he right. Yuri — the boldest and sneakiest of the kittens — became the only feline in the history of The Critter Room to escape from the Foster Room (off camera, sadly). John didn't get a full night of sleep until adoption day had passed. To this day, he isn't quite sure how Yuri pulled it off.

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