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  • During the scandal, T-ARA were pictured sitting with some fan-gifted lunches. Netizens sneered, saying things like "I bet they bought them themselves, how can they still have fans?" But, lo and behold, someone stepped forwards to say "I'm the Project Manager for Diadem Forums. We did a joint food support project with T-araDotCom that was delivered a few hours ago! The pic they posted is indeed the lunchboxes that we got them :) We'll continue to support T-ara despite what everyone else is saying." Warms one's heart to know that even with all the crap directed against them, there were still people who would stand up and defend them.
    • By extension, several other fanclubs stepped forwards to defend the girls during the scandal.
  • They also got down on their hands and knees to bow when thanking all of their fans when they won their first Music Bank K-chart in two years for "Lovey Dovey." It made many a fan tear up, to say the least. Can be seen here starting at the 3:50 mark.
  • Hwayoung spoke out on the bullying rumours and the treatment the girls have been getting: "“After reading the news that Eunjung unnie was withdrawn from her role in her drama, I did not feel good about it. After the nasty rounds of rumors about me being excluded from the group went around, the reality of the deteriorated situation was painful. I was truly hurt from the distortion of the truth. But since we did have our good times together I want to forget about everything bad that happened, and wish that we can cheer each other on. Please give T-ara a lot of love and caring attention. I apologize for causing our fans to worry because of the recent happenings."
    • Unfortunately, netizens ignored this, and continued to trash T-ARA at every turn.
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    • It was later averted by Hwayoung herself, who changed her story to "I was just trying to fit in, but the unnies didn't like me! I wrote a diss track because I hated them!" She also allowed a serial liar to make up stories about the group (and claim herself to be Hwayoung's cousin - even though she wasn't related in the slightest).
  • The group's first win after five years and surviving the bullying scandal.

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