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  • Epic Riff: "Roly-Poly," "Yayaya," "Bo Peep Bo Peep," "Tic Tic Toc," "I Go Crazy Because Of You," and "Why Are You Being Like This?" to name a few.
  • Face of the Band: It would seem that Jiyeon and Qri are the two that their record label focus on primarily as they are often regarded as the prettiest in the group. And that's saying a lot when you're a member of what many consider to be the most visually attractive girl group in your country.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • After "Roly-Poly" blew up it seemed like it was T-ara fans vs. every other fandom in K-Pop for a while.
    • Their 2012 scandal pretty much drew a visible line in the sand. Most T-ara fans (especially the Korean ones) and a few sympathizers from other fandoms went to one side, arguing that while there was indeed discord within the group, the chances of there being bullying on the scale that the media and several naysayers perpetuated it to be was low. Everybody else - aka the majority - went to another side believing the bullying allegations, thus putting T-ara at odds with everybody at the time. Their situation seems to be improving though.
    • Billboards Fan Army Face-off competition note  led to a lot of ugly racism between One Direction fans and T-ara fans when T-ara knocked One Direction out of the bracket. Besides the typical accusations of cheating, some T-ara fans accused Zayne of being a terrorist while some One Directioners threw racial slurs at all of kpop, leading to a such a brewhaha that "We love One Direction and kpop" became a trending topic on twitter.
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  • Fanon Discontinuity: "Yayaya" is disliked for various reasons; for the international fan community, it was the offensive music video and Native American concept, while the Korean community, who weren't bothered by the concept (see Values Dissonance), just didn't like the song nor nonsensical lyrics. As a result, the song's parent album Temptastic has pretty much been written off completely by many who complain that they want the "old" T-ara back... which is a shame considering that Temptastic is, as a whole, an excellent effort.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Since their 2012 scandal their popularity in Korea has waned, but international fans have been more forgiving. T-ara still holds concerts overseas, especially South East Asia, and is particularly popular in Vietnam. As of March 2015 they were the highest rising K-pop group in China, signing a $1 million contract with Chinese brand Celucasn, putting down rumors of their disbandment. As of July 2015, their fancafe surpassed SNSD as the number one girl group in China. It also becamethe first girl group to have more than 1 million members.
    • Even at the peak of their scandal, Tiara Diadem Forums (largest international T-Ara fansite) sent the girls gifts. It's important to know due to the way Korean idols are managed and Korean music industry works, fan gifts are often the only way idols get paid. This became true even for T-Ara when all the companies the girls were contracted by broke up with them because of the scandal.
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  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: Their Japanese discography used to frustrate many, as T-ara's handlers abstained from releasing brand new Japanese singles for the girls to promote up to a certain point, instead opting on using remakes of the girls' hit Korean songs. They eventually did start releasing original Japanese.
  • Memetic Mutation: Determination! note 
  • Nightmare Fuel: Ahreum. Since her departure, she's been displaying highly erratic behaviour on her Instagram account, uploading pictures and videos of herself saying that she was speaking to ghosts, that she was suicidal/depressed... She once uploaded a video saying she was having a birthday party with her friends, then turned the camera around to show... Nothing. To make matters worse, Ahreum's birthday was months away from what she was claiming. Her mother said she was fine, but still. Brr. Though her behavior can easily be interpreted as employee rebellion towards CCM, in an attempt to leave the group (for a very logical and simple reason)
    • The revelation that Hyoyoung had threatened Ahreum with physical violence because Ahreum didn't agree with Hwayoung's behaviour during the scandal, and the fact that the Ryu twins had been manipulating and lying to the public for five years, when in fact they were the ones at fault.
  • Shipping:
    • Hyomin/Eunjung are very popular amongst the fandom.
    • No ship is even comparable to the Jiyeon/Eunjung pairing, which has spawned rabid fans who will go insane over the smallest interaction, like the two girls breathing the same air.
    • Jiyeon/Hwayoung became popular since they were both considered the maknaes of the group depending on who you ask. It has sunk since the latter's departure, with fans claiming at the time that the two of them were never close and that Jiyeon was the instigator of the "attacks" against Hwayoung. There was even a false story of her slapping Hwayoung across the face for "not being happy she was in T-ara".
  • Signature Song: "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and "Roly-Poly."
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and "Roly-Poly" are infamous - and catchy - examples.
  • Tear Jerker: "TTL (Time To Love)." Especially when you watch the video for it or read the lyrics to it. Quite lovely and sad.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: It's a neverending cycle...
    • Fans can be fickle when it comes to their change of sound in their music. They were upset when T-ara went from the mellow, electro-pop sounds in "Lies" and "TTL (Time To Love)" to the cutesy, aegyo-pop of "Bo Peep Bo Peep." Then they got upset when T-ara ditched the edgy, sexy style they had developed for "I Go Crazy Because Of You" and went cutesy and silly for "Yayaya." Later the same people whom didn't even like "Roly-Poly" bitched that "Cry Cry" just wasn't as good as it. Afterward there was "Lovey Dovey," which is constantly criticized as not up to par with "Cry Cry."
    • "Day By Day", and all the uproar surrounding it (the addition of new member Ahreum and the large role member-to-be Dani played in the MV).
    • Losing Hwayoung from the group and the circumstances surrounding it garnered much of this reaction. Many believed that it was the end for T-ara, and that they should have just disbanded and gotten it over with, thus many have not taken a liking to their releases post-Hwayoung; for example, their "Number Nine" comeback not do as well compared to their previous songs (though better than expected), and later "Do You Know Me?" (from the reissue "Again 1977") did very poorly and didn't even make it to the top ten (although the EP "Again" did well on the charts and peaked at #2),
  • Vindicated by History: How T-ara fans feel when T-ara's ex-manager revealed the reason why Hwayoung was removed from the group was because she and her twin threatened to cut Ahreum's face. Ahreum went to the other T-ara members to complain about being bullied, but their attempt to defend Ahreum was seen as bullying towards Hwayoung, effectively destroying their career in Korea.
  • Values Dissonance: Their "Yayaya" concept and music video did not sit well with international fans but didn't raise many concerns in Korea due to the country's lack of political correctness in regards to other cultures and ethnicities. The video consists of:
    • The girls hopping around in cheap Native American outfits (complete with feathers in their hair and tacky facepaint), teepees, a war whoop (in their Japanese single), a dance that included patting their hands over their mouths, and generally all sorts of offensive Native American stereotypes all wrapped up into one.
    • The Star of David that Soyeon has on her face for no other apparent reason than to look cool.

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