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Heartwarming / StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

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Other Starcraft heartwarming moments:

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  • Right after you save the Haven colony:
    Hanson: You know, you could always stay here. Settle down, make a new start...
    Raynor: Heh. Guys like me don't get second chances, darlin'. We just gotta finish what we begun.
    (Hanson kisses Raynor in the cheek, letting him drop his cigar...)
    Hanson: You're a good man, Jim Raynor.
    '(Hanson turns around and leaves, while Jim picks up the cigar from the floor.)
    Raynor: I ain't that good...
    • On the soundtrack, the theme for this scene, "Good Man," is tacked onto the end of "Public Enemy," which makes perfect sense. Mengsk may have declared Raynor an enemy of the Dominion, but he's still a hero.
  • When the newly de-infested Kerrigan is confused and in obvious discomfort looks up in recognition to Raynor and smiles a little:
    Kerrigan: ... Jim?
    Raynor: It's okay. I gotcha.
    She looks up at him, then falls asleep in his arms while he carries her to safety.
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  • Matt Horner, after the Breakout mission, says to Jim Raynor that he'll never give up the Raider's dream of a better world, and that the reason they're fighting is because Jim gave the Raiders something to believe in.
  • Before the final mission, James pulls a dog tag labeled M. Koiter and delivers an epic speech. The heartwarming part is when you realize that M. Koiter stands for Blizzard Artist, Michel Koiter, who died in 2004 at the age of 19. In-Universe, Michel Koiter was a marine who was killed in action on Char who had been with Raynor since forming the Raiders. Doubles as a CMOA.
    Raynor: Cause some things are just worth fighting for.
  • Before the "Zero Hour" mission, one of the papers on Raynor's wall seems to be a childish drawing of a man with a gun with the words "Thank you Marshal Raynor". Apparently, some little kid out there considers Jimmy his/her hero.

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