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  • Throughout "Who Tagged the Bird of Paradise?", several people wish Hermione a happy birthday...except for Sherlock Yack who comments on everything else, much to Hermione's disappointment. But at the end of the episode, Sherlock reveals that he was waiting for the exact time she was born (5:30 in the afternoon) to present her with a birthday cake, showing he remembered her special day, quite well.
  • In "Who Graffitied Hermione?", Ostrich seeks Sherlock's help to woo Orangutan and only becomes more distraught when Sherlock's "lessons" don't give her much to work with. At the end of the episode, however, Elephant approaches Sherlock for help in wooing Ostrich. Sherlock elects to teach Ostrich one final lesson with the "blind approach", by getting the two of them to meet on the spot. They hit it off.
    • "Who Painted the Skunk?" shows they're still together. This is rather sweet, considering most examples of Interspecies Romance in the series are one-shots.
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  • Although she's rightfully annoyed with Sherlock unfairly accusing her in "Who Busted the Bagpipes?", Hermione still assists in the investigation (even if in a spiteful manner). And after Boa is revealed as the culprit, Sherlock seeks out Hermione, apologizes to her, and earnestly asks what he can do to make it up to her.
  • "Who Ridiculed the Lion?" has Sherlock and Hermione's antagonism over his episode-specific sexist remarks and her taking his bet to prove she can handle the investigation by herself. While she proves to be quite an effective investigator, Hermione misses his help and input, and they conclude that they work better as a team.
    • On a similar note, "Who Choked up the Grizzly with Laughter?" has Sherlock conducting the investigation on Hermione's day off, with the rather inept Kangaroo as her replacement. At the end of the episode, he weakly attempts to forbid her from taking any other days off, to which she cheekily asks if he missed her. Sherlock shyly admits he did.
  • Despite his antagonism in "Who Targeted Tiger?" (as well as his rather misguided, self-absorbed way of going about the investigation), Dromedary helps Sherlock detain Zebu by preventing his escape, something Sherlock even thanks him for.
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  • "Who Kidnapped Hermione?", the penultimate episode, concludes with the case having been set up by Hermione as a surprise party to commemorate Sherlock Yack's successes. And instead of punishing her for faking her own kidnapping, Sherlock officially promotes Hermione from trainee to detective for her past efforts.

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