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Heartwarming / Seven Days Survivor

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The Journey

  • Midori spends time watching with Featherman R with Ken and Koromaru.
  • Kaido goes to Keisuke's parents and gives them the news that he's dead, rather than allowing for them to go without the news or hearing it from someone else because he respected him.
    Kaido: "I was going to the folks of all my guys, letting them have the bad news. Had to. It was my responsibility. They were my guys. But him? He... I respected him. I had to tell his folks something. So I found out where they lived and I knocked on the door. They were crying. I told them who I was, and that I was there when he died. Didn't tell the the whole truth. That would have killed them. No. I said he was killed while doing the right thing, and that they should be proud of him. They thanked me, and I left. I killed him for killing my guys, and I still said sorry to his parents."
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  • When Shinjiro dies, as in canon, Midori spends her time helping Ken and Akihiro cope with it by relating her own experiences.
  • Philemon cheering Midori up by telling her that she's not behind the curve, but the others are trying to match her by raising their abilities with their Personas to Frosty's level. He did so specifically because Igor and Elizabeth wouldn't be social enough to do so.
  • Midori's father encouraging Chidori not to run away from Junpei.
  • Abel sending Midori his support, feeling confident that she would be able to resolve the incident with Nyx while he couldn't directly interfere.
  • Naoya fixing Aegis, offering his sincere condolences to Mitsuru for her father, and then asking Midori to send Abel a message to explain that he wants to make amends and that he's proud of the choice he made since it didn't rely on depending on the Angels. He's legitimately making an effort to change.

The Answer

  • Midori and Aigis bonding over the month that they used to retain their memories of the Dark Hour.
  • Junpei and Chidori's reunion.

The Interlude

  • Dojima and Midori's father bond over talking about their wives.
  • Kaido encourages Kanji to action against the motorcycle gang and then ensures they won't bother Inaba again by using his reputation as the Demon of Tokyo to essentially bring them to heel.

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